Looking for a housemate in the Liudaokou/Wudaokou area

So my previous housemate has had enough of China and now I am seeking a housemate to occupy the Master Bedroom in a 2 bedroom apartment. The Master bedroom is fully furnished with an armoire, 2 desks and a chair, with a very comfortable memory-foam mattress. The apartment has a separate kitchen (also fully stocked with appliances and a small oven), 1 bathroom, spacious living room with a TV and PS4. 100 Mbps Internet from China Unicom and has been paid for the year.

The apartment is located in the HanLanTing complex (翰庭小区), close to BLCU, Tsinghua and Liudaokou and Wudaokou Subway station. The HanLanTing complex is one of the newest properties in the area and also one of the safest with a double gate-dongle system and a 24-hour security guard service. The surrounding area is also very quiet (walls of thick!), since we are not near any major traffic sources yet close enough to the main areas of the city. The master bedroom rent is ¥4000 per month. Paid in 3 monthly increments.

I am an international student from California studying in the Beijing Mining University and we wil share the apartment should you decide to stay! I am a clean and laidback person. Interested in many things such as cooking, movies, video games and traveling.

Please feel free to contact me in English via Wechat or a phonecall to 13011008536/celleron, any email inquiries can also be sent to kelvindjaelawijaya_jl@hotmail.com or alternatively, just shoot me a PM on reddit!

Mods, if this content is not allowed then I'll take it down. I'm trying to get a housemate ASAP since Beijinger/word-of-mouth isn't working out too well.


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