Any advice for an illegal towing by Rendered Services?

I came across this post from 2 years ago and already reached out to /u/philly035.


First off I should say that I'm already putting together the ICC Informal Complaint and want to find an attorney. I also went around talking to multiple different parties at the location to:

  1. Understand the situation

  2. Find out what recourse I had

  3. Figure out what kind of proof I had available to me and what I would need to still track down


The best I can sum it up right now is:

  • We were towed by Rendered Services from the North and Sheffield Commons lot
  • They claimed we left the property and had proof of us crossing the street (we did not)
  • On-site security and towing company continued to claim they had this proof
  • The security company told us to ask for the proof when we retrieved our car from the towing company
  • We talked to a CPD officer about the situation (he was there because while all this was happening power went off around the area). He agreed the situation was ridiculous but advised we just pick up the car now as to not get charged any additional fees.
  • I tried looking up the management company and anything related to the property. None of the phone numbers went anywhere.
  • The woman from Rendered Services was rude by hanging up on my girlfriend, rude to me when I called back, threatened to just hang up again when I started asking her questions, and threatened us when I took a photo of her when we picked up the car by saying, "You can film me and I can film you. But I have your drivers license and address and I know where you live. You don't know where I live." She also would not show us the proof she claimed to have saying that "It's not for you to see."
  • After picking up the car we went back to the property and talked to a manager at Best Buy because West Elm and other stores had closed already.
  • The manager at Best Buy told us they had no contact information and that they've had problems with Rendered Services towing employee cars.
  • Finally found a security person who verified that the ATM is part of the property (we weren't sure if somehow the ATM wasn't part of the property).


I have a time stamp on the Bank of America ATM receipt of the transaction happening at 4:10PM and also a receipt from West Elm for 5:13PM—proof that those were the places we went. Again, both are on the property. They claim they have proof of us doing something we never did, will not show us the proof, and if they tried at all to look they would see that we were on the property the whole time. Rendered Services tried to deny that we could be telling the truth saying that they towed us at 4:15 and that if we were at the ATM at 4:10 we would have seen them towing our car. We weren't at the ATM more than 5 minutes before the transaction finished. The paperwork says 4:17. Not that those 2 minutes really matter, but they're dubious that we could have walked from the ATM and across the lot into West Elm without us noticing them towing our car. Even by their account, we had 5 minutes from the end of our transaction to walk across the lot and into the store. However, I don't see the relevance of this as we should never have been towed in the first place.


The biggest thing to me, however, is the fact that the woman from Rendered Services threatened us this way. I already feel violated by this experience. But it's especially distressing because it was my girlfriend's license and credit card that she held up when she threatened us. The rational part of me wants to think that it was just her posturing, but we already did just get towed illegally and I don't know her. I don't know what she's capable of doing. Besides, it's not like this company has a stellar reputation. Also, while on the phone she kept saying, "Be a man. You know what you did wrong." I find this ridiculous as no one from Rendered Services seems to be a man, then, by her definition. And yeah, I know that I didn't do anything wrong.


I apologize for the long post, but it's 3AM and I clearly can't go to sleep. I'm just looking for any advice or insight about other actions I can take in dealing with this ridiculous situation. I have the receipts from the places I went and from the towing company. I already took a bunch of photos of the area. Even took photos of what we were wearing today. Have screenshots of all the calls to all the different numbers I called and talked to. Was able to find out the CPD officer's name when I talked to the Best Buy manager. Got the security guard's name. I want to try and see if West Elm has security footage of us walking in and around the store. However, I'm not too hopeful that they'll share that with us.


Thanks for your time.


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