[MODPOST] The Backlog of Black Operation Results Released

Indonesia vs India OPERATION (SUCCESS-Operation uncovered)

After covertly reaching out to the governors of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Indonesian operatives were able to convince them of the merits of joining Indonesia in order to prevent their limited populations from being forcibly conscripted into the Indian Army. Preparing documents declaring their intention to be free from India's conscription laws and their desire to be annexed into Indonesia, they sent them by courier to the Indian government. Following that notification, the Indonesian army conducted an "invasion" of the islands where they took control of the territory, leaving the local governors and population as they were before. When questioned about the circumstances of the messages they brought, the couriers indicated that a decision had been made by the governors following a visit by Indonesians.

Thai Communists vs Thailand CELL ESTABLISHMENT (FAILURE-Operation secret)

The Communist Party of Thailand sent a group of its members to join the Royal Thai Army, but on their physical fitness entrance exams, none of them were found to be fit for service.

PRC vs Thailand CELL ESTABLISHMENT (SUCCESS-Operation secret)

Working in collaboration with the Communist Parties of Thailand and Indochina, the Chinese Central Department of Intelligence State Security Office managed to send 4 agents (3 men and 1 woman) into northern Thailand posing as ethnic Hokkien refugees. Settling in Thailand, the four have maintained their cover and made contact with the local branch of the Communist Party of Thailand, as well as with their handlers back in China.

CPT vs Thailand OPERATION (FAILURE-Operation secret)

In an attempt to increase its membership, the Communist Party of Thailand has sent its members around to universities and schools to speak with students and professors alike in an attempt to build up greater support and numbers for the cause of ending the military dictatorship, however no one who has heard the message so far has been motivated to join the cause.

UK vs Iran OPERATION (FAILURE-Operation secret)

Using their contacts in Iran and the AIOC, MI-6 attempted to overthrow Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh of Iran in a coup. Once the Shah's approval was acquired, British agents traveled around Iranian dissident circles and used $25,000 provided by the AIOC in addition to their own funds to bribe officials, hire mobs, and attempt to pave the way for their coup. Before going on a week-long vacation to northern Iran with Queen Soraya, the Shah issued a firman dismissing Mosaddegh and naming General Fazlollah Zahedi as his successor. While the Shah and Queen were on vacation the commander of the Imperial Guard—Colonel Nematollah Nassiri—delivered the firman to Mosaddegh, but having been previously warned of the plot, Mosaddegh had Nassiri arrested instead under the justification that as a constitutional monarchy the Shah had no power to dismiss an elected Prime Minister without the Majlis's consent. With the failure of the coup attempt, the Shah fled first to Baghdad and then on to Italy in exile. Declaring himself to be the rightful prime minister of Iran, General Zahedi attempted to rally the supporters paid off by MI-6, but seeing that the tide had turned many of them failed to come to his support, and in the meantime Mosaddegh ordered security forces to round up the coup plotters, who successfully captured Zahedi and put an end to the madness.

The UK involvement in the operation remains secret.

Indonesia vs Australian Papua New Guinea CELL ESTABLISHMENT (SUCCESS-Operation uncovered)

After trekking through the jungles of New Guinea, Indonesian agents made contact with tribal villages and towns on the Australian border where they provided medicine and aid to the native peoples in order to build up longer-term amicable relations with them. The local tribes have responded extremely favorably and have welcomed the Indonesians, though word has reached the Australian government that groups of Indonesians have been traveling around and trading with the native tribes.

India vs Pakistan INTELLIGENCE GATHERING (SUCCESS-Operation secret)

Making use of their full capabilities and networks of agents and sympathizers, Indian intelligence has managed to penetrate the higher levels of the Pakistani military in order to keep tabs on Pakistani military movements and technological advances. While a number of officers throughout the Pakistani military have been recruited to the cause, the most important assets gained as a result of this operation are a staff colonel in the defense ministry with access to information about troop deployments, and a number of researchers working on military projects.

India vs Dravida Nadu CELL ESTABLISHMENT (SUCCESS-Operation uncovered)

In an attempt to build up support for Hindu nationalists wishing to join with India, Indian intelligence has managed to recruit a number of cells in Hindu majority states of Dravida Nadu. Most of these cells are made up of local government officials, schoolteachers, and devout Hindus who are respected in their communities and are expected to have some political clout with the population at large. During the operation, however, an Indian agent was captured implicating India in the plot though it is unclear to the Indian government who (if anyone) was actually recruited by the Indians as opposed to simply being a sympathizer.

GDR vs Rhineland CELL ESTABLISHMENT (SUCCESS-Operation uncovered)

Amid a flood of refugees fleeing the German Democratic Republic, the Stasi managed to slip one of their own into Rhineland. Günter Guillaume and his family joined with the flow of other refugees and settled in Rhineland, where many of the refugees have become active in politics as members of the Rhenish Social Democratic Party. Rhenish intelligence received an unsubstantiated report from a border guard that defected from the German Democratic Republic that they were instructed (counter to their usual orders) to ignore refugees fleeing the country.

Iran vs Iran INTELLIGENCE GATHERING (SUCCESS-Operation secret)

A commission composed of members of the ruling National Front and the police and headed by Mosaddegh loyalist Mahmoud Afshartous conducted an operation to gauge the loyalty of all officers at the rank of captain or higher in the Iranian military. Approaching those officers, an offer of money was made in exchange for their support of a coup against the government, alluding to the fact that they had foreign backers to the effort that would pay handsomely and support anyone who assisted in the effort. Those who engaged with the agent making them the offer were later arrested in secret, and once the operation was completed a series of courts martial were held sentencing the officers willing to entertain the idea of a coup to not less than 10 years in prison. Due to the efforts of the party and police, the entire operation was conducted in one week, preventing word from reaching any officers to prevent them from answering truthfully when approached by the agent. As over 2,700 officers were implicated in the sting, the government has moved quickly to fill those posts with pro-government loyalists to ensure the security and stability of the regime. Special priority was given to promoting those officers who not only refused the offer of the agent but also reported the contact to their superiors.

EOKA vs UK OPERATION (SUCCESS-Operation secret)

EOKA snuck to the Colonial Governor's office and found him asleep. They silently reached towards him, grabbed a throw pillow and shot him in the head with a muffled gun, without waking up his spouse. The next day, the wife of John Harding woke up in a pool of blood. Although they attempted to find out who assassinated the colonial governor, they were not able to find either any prints or the weapon that led to the murder of the colonial governor.

Pakistan vs India OPERATION (SUCCESS-Operation uncovered)

Indian Muslims are contacted by the Pakistani intelligence agency and they accepted their instructions and began to publish anti-war materials and encourage Indian Muslims to protest. Sadly, the operation was uncovered by the Indians but by the time they found out about the operation, the Indian Muslims are protesting outside police stations and public squares. The Indian intelligence ordered a counterstrike against the Pakistani spies and almost discovered their hideout, only to find out that it was already abandoned and their tracks led them back to the safety of Pakistan.

Indonesia vs Malaysia CELL ESTABLISHMENT #1 (SUCCESS-Operation uncovered)

After the issuance of the Indonesian intelligence officers, they traveled up from Kalimantan to North Borneo, speaking in clear Malay. The locals originally thought that they were Malay immigrants from the peninsula but local police soon discovered that the Malays entered through the southeast, not the typical southwest. After a closer inspection, they arrived at their home and gave them a talk about how they should tell the truth about their origins and left their house without further inspections due to the common citizenship between Indonesia and Malaysia.

Indonesia vs Malaysia CELL ESTABLISHMENT #2 (SUCCESS-Operation uncovered)

An inter-faith meeting between Indonesian and Malaysian religious leaders commenced without any missteps. The imams and the priests of both nation discussed how to enhance ecumenism between two of the largest faiths in Southeast Asia, Islam and Christianity. However, the Roman Catholic auxiliary bishop of Flores reminded the intergroup faith that without the involvement of the Philippines, the inter-faith meeting will fail to be truly inter-faith and ecumenical and has prescribe an annual meeting with the invitation of the churches in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, Malay intelligence discovered the inviter of the interfaith meeting. They then informed the imams of Malaysia that the state of Indonesia invited both groups and not the religious community of Indonesia. Some imams immediately packed their bags and leave while others decided to stay. With the remaining imams and the rest of the priest, they decided to hold the same meeting next year according to their plan and invite the Philippines.

Morocco vs Spain OPERATION (SUCCESS-Operation secret)

An underground society of Spanish Morrocans in Ifni and Rif was founded successfully with full funding and support from a small community. Approximately 500 and 700 in each respective cities was gathered and joined the society. Some left the Spanish cities to train in Morocco. Spanish guards suspect they are leaving the cities because of their policies and was glad there are fewer Arabs in African Spain. The Moroccans who left Ifni and Rif received some basic training on how to spread the word about liberation and sneak back to their respective cities and help with the organization to liberate the two coastal cities.

USA vs Mexico CELL ESTABLISHMENT (SUCCESS-Operation secret)

Bienvenidos a Mexico! The Mexican-Americans was accepted in the Mexican community and was treated well. The Mexican authorities think that they were Mexican braceros who managed to become successful in the fields of America and returned to spread the truth.

Indonesia vs Thailand CELL ESTABLISHMENT (FAILURE-Operation secret)

After receiving their mission, Indonesian agents begin to sneak to the Thai border when their vehicle was caught in a landslide during one unusual rainy December day and was forced to abandon the operation due to the loss of life and equipment. However, some continued the mission and found a heavily protected border between Malaysia and Thailand and with no access to Thailand, d=they decided to abandon the project.

Indonesia vs Singapore CELL ESTABLISHMENT (FAILURE-Operation secret)

[M]Come on, lah![/M]

The Indonesian agents traveled from the city of Batam to Singapore and quickly establish their cell. They immediately contacted the political party in their mission log and was met with a clerk. When they demanded to talk with the party leader, the clerk hangs up the phone. After attempting this multiple times, the clerk threatened to call the police on what he calls "an annoying prank call" and hang up. The agents decided not to risk it any further and left the city before any police arrive.

FLN vs MNA OPERATION (SUCCESS-Operation secret)

As the struggle for Algerian independence heats up in Europe and Africa, the movement has splintered with the FLN and MNA each claiming a broad swath of independence-minded Algerians. The stakes are not simply leadership of the movement for Algerian independence, but the leadership of any eventual state that might follow, and the struggle between the two groups has spilled across the Mediterranean into metropolitan France. In a string of attacks, FLN members and sympathizers in metropolitan France have begun a string of killings targeted at MNA members and sympathizers, primarily at cafes across the country. While attempts were made to prevent civilian deaths, the indiscriminate nature of bombs and the chaos surrounding shootings has led to the deaths of non-MNA members in a number of the attacks. As no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks and police have been unable to develop any leads, the deaths of 284 MNA members and 39 civilians remain unexplained except as random terrorist attacks.

FLN vs Morocco CELL ESTABLISHMENT (FAILURE-Operation secret)

When the FLN sent twelve members into Morocco in an attempt to establish a cell, they hoped that they would be able to establish themselves in rural villages where they could develop tight-knit cells in anticipation of future orders, but due to a series of unfortunate events, the FLN has lost contact with all of them. Two groups of three got lost in an attempt to find the villages that they were looking for and perished in the wilderness, while another group got so turned around that they wandered back into Algerian territory. The final trio of FLN agents managed to make it into Morocco but was arrested on unrelated charges and imprisoned. As all three of them have maintained their cover, the operation remains secret.

USA vs Indonesia CELL ESTABLISHMENT (SUCCESS-Operation uncovered)

The Central Intelligence Agency has successfully established a network of intelligence officers in Indonesia, especially in the political parties in Indonesia. No one ever knew of the plan and they successfully integrated into the community.

USSR vs Hungary OPERATION (SUCCESS-Operation secret)

Following the recent events in Hungary, Ivan Serov ordered KGB agents within Hungary to undertake a number of operations designed to cement Soviet control. Blending in with the ranks of protesters, KGB agents managed at various points to begin anti-government chants and incite protesters to begin throwing rocks at police, provoking a heavy-handed response on their part due to tips provided previously by the KGB to the police about the operation. As the protests turned into riots, the police have called in additional numbers to begin arresting as many members of the crowds as possible. As the riots began, KGB agents also began tailing the ringleaders of the protests—especially Péter Veres—in order to discover information that might be useful in securing their cooperation with Soviet authorities. While the locations of a number of safe houses being used by the protesters were discovered, as well as a better picture of who the top leadership of the opposition was, no seriously damaging information was gathered.

[M] We would like to thank u/XanisSorannan for writing most of the results and the hard work he puts in writing the results.


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