Brother, Disabled Iraq Vet told he needs to pay $130k for overpayment of benefits.

New to reddit, not sure how this works, but I could use some guidance. My brother served in Iraq, disabled, collecting SSI and disability benefits for 8 years was just notified that he needs to repay $130k. Below is a summary of his history. Any suggestions on how to proceed? Thanks in advance. June 15 2004 – got orders to report to Ft. Drum to mobilize for Operation Iraqi Freedom November 2004 – deployed to Kuwait January 2005 – convoyed into Iraq April 2 2005 – 82mm mortar round exploded 30m in front of me, causing head trauma which resulted in a diagnosis of TBI. October 2005 – traveled to Kuwait and flew home to US Took leave and then went back to work Had residual effects from injuries sustained while deployed in Iraq, sought medical treatment with the VA. VA acknowledged and treated injuries September 2008, discharged from National Guard by medical review board (still working as technician), and National Guard initiated termination paperwork thereafter. State HR directed me to immediately seek Social Security benefits as a first step, and once I was denied paperwork could go forward so I could be retired through the Federal Employee Retirement System under special circumstances. Accepted by FERS under special circumstances in November 2008. Employment with National Guard terminated by employer on November 15, 2008 as a result of losing military membership. Social Security granted May 2009 Was never contacted by FERS to announce a reduction in payments and had no way of knowing that an overage was being incurred. FERS sent a letter in September 2016 asking for me to return a form stating my election in relation to your health insurance coverage. In December 2016, I received a letter from FERS seeking to collect over $130k in overages. Over 25 years of service Served in Iraq, Germany, Korea Recognized as 100% disabled, totally and permanently – no possibility of securing income from employment.


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