Why can’t you give me that information!

Hey guys I don't know if it fits well here since it's not IT but i am a Fire Alarm Technician and I just finished an emergency call by phone. (I am on phone so sorry for the shitty formatting)


$me: duh

$sg1: security guard #1

$sg2: security guard #2

$sg3: you guessed it?

$ed: emergency dispatcher

As I was relaxing watching my girlfriend smearing some bandit's face with flame spell and turning them into sushi with her steel sword while shouting Unrelenting Force, (yes I introduced my GF to Skyrim and she freaking love it) I receive a phone call DUN DUN DUN

$me: hey there sorry I haven't heard my pager beeping

$ED: nah it's fine! I have a message for you

$ME: sure lemme pick a paper and pen (odd i took a red ink pen)

$ED: so the message is from $SG1 from &HOSPITAL-OUT-OF-USUAL-AREA he wish to have information about putting the system in test for a test on electromagnetic doors. Please call him at $phonenumber

$ME:(wait what???)…hmm okay… bye!

I hung up and then i call.

$SG1: hello?

$ME: Hi! Is this $SG1?

$SG1: yes that's me?

$ME: This is $ME from $CIE i received an emergency call about electromagnetic doors?

$SG1: oh! Yes! I called $phonenumber and asked to put the central alarm in test for my verification.

$ME: hum that's clearly not the right number, CIE toll free number

$SG1: oh well i called that number, and then called the fire dept in case

$ME: oh okay well at least you called the fire dept that would be enough but again you didn't called the right number.

$SG1: oh well too late. Anyway BYE!

As I just hung up… yes i get another call.

$Ed: hi there! I got another call for you.

$ME:(fuck) okay I'm all ears

$ed: its from $SAME-HOSPITAL call $phonenumber ask for $SG2 she want to know what the hell happened why the firefighters are on their way

$ME: okay thanks!

I prepare mentally about the shitload.

$SG3: Security.

$ME: hi? May I speak to $SG2?

$SG3: what for? She is busy right now.

$ME: well i just got an emergency call from her, my name is $ME from &CIE.

$SG3 (to SG2): i have a guy from CIE about the emergency call you had placed? (To me): one second she's on the phone

$SG2: this is $SG2 what can I do?

$me; yeah i got a call from you.

$sg2: ueah i wanted to know what the fuck happened? Why firefighters are coming? I just finished talking to my guy and he's telling me they are on their way!

$ME: could it be $SG1?

$sg2: yeah!

$me: well its because the phone number he's been told to call is not a phone number to an alarm central, its to call us to place service calls, inspection, installation. Thats not even close to our alarm central phone number!

$SG2: so can you give me the phone number to my alarm central?

$Me: I don't have access to that information, first of all, my office is…

$SG2: so you are useless?

$me: thats not what I meant!

$SG2: so you aren't an Alarm central? So why your dispatch told my guy its on test?

$Me: i don't know im not with the dispatchers im a technician on guard…

$SG2: so what's the phone number of the alarm central?

$Me: whats your central? #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 7, 8? I can provide you the right number but what's the name…

$SG2: I don't know all I have is this number to call for elevators, fire alarm test, etc

$me: again, that is the toll free number to reach CIE.

$SG2: so we should stop calling you you are useless!

$me: I never said that! I am trying to explain you that you have been given the wrong information for this current situation, this phone number is for service, installation and inspection calls, not Alarm central.

$sg2: so what's the number then?

$me: the office is closed i dont have access. Do you have access to the most recent fore alarm inspection? If not i can still come and take a look.

$SG2: its too late for disturbing people to come here. Why can't you give me the phone number?

$me: i need to know which central there isn't just 1.

$Sg2: so you are not a dispatcher ? You are a technician?

$me: yeah and im on emergency calls starting from yesterday until next Tuesday.

$Sg2: okay fine bye.

Edit: bit of formatting.


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