2 years into NC, They’re still going strong

I've been completely NC with my adoptive parents (and gcbrother, and martyr N sister) for almost 2 years now, except for an informal C&D I sent this past July. They've kept up the multi-media harassment at a pretty good pace. Mail, call, text, email, through friends, etc. I've talked up and down to lawyers who are stumped/put off by the cross-border aspect, so most of them just tell me to ignore it. A lot of my extreme anxiety has dissipated these last 9 months, but it used to send me into a full on panic attack when they'd say that. Have you ever been stalked by people who think they legally own you and your children like property? Most of them had not.

Anyway, they say my adoptive father is dying (cancer, 4th time, no surprise), and his 80th birthday is in the spring, so I've been expecting a ramp up in harassment anyway. I'm still a little stunned that they continue to send long, incoherent rants about not understanding why I'm "punishing" them. 2 years in. But again, I know them, so most of me expected it. I think it scares me because I know how delusional they are, and I've predicted every move.

Next prediction? Someone's going to show up at my house. I filed a police report a while back, despite being ignored and laughed at by a few male cops before a female cop finally empathized and wrote it up for me. Whee. At this point, I feel my actual chance of being physically hurt is down to about 20%, so I'm much less nervous than when I wrote the C&D in the summer, when they were threatening harder, and I was full of anxiety. I have a few late teen/early 20s nephews who believe it's my hateful silence that's killing their grandfather, and an unhinged, fully co-dependant brother who is really the wild card. The flying monkeys. My guess is they'll take a road trip, if not my adoptive parents themselves. Whee.

It's funny they're continuing at all, because my older brother, the only one I still talk to, said he recently got a long letter about how none of us other kids (you know, the 4 they've pushed out) would ever know when the patriarch died, that they'd do a private service with armed security (the local police) to guard it, at an undisclosed location. This was all a few months ago, after I found my last Facebook mole, who was funneling information and pictures to them. I told her I didn't need her message updates on his PSA levels or the rest of his health, because it really didn't have anything to do with me, and that my older brother would tell me when he died or I'd see it in the paper because they can't resist. Cue out-of-the-blue funeral-barring threats for my older brother. The joke will be on them when none of us show up and create the scene they want. These people are such Ns, they steal the show at other people's funerals, so a spectacle is exactly what they want at their own. Again, joke's on them; they dragged me to so many funerals as a kid, I never planned to attend theirs anyway.

Anyhoo, what's the longest your NC was ignored? They're literally carrying on a heated conversation with no-one. This woman, my adoptive lunatic mother, is 70, and her mother is 95 and still kicking. I'm not wishing death upon anyone, just wondering what the odds are this will go on until her last, gasping, dramatic, narcissistic breath. She told me as a kid she'd always be an angel on my shoulder, but if I [did xyz] she'd haunt me from beyond the grave. She believed it. That is her level of crazy conviction.

ETA: spelling & sentence structure (tired, sorry)


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