TIFU by losing my phone

You know that crazy aunt/uncle that is always telling stories about their even crazier friend from college that seems to have nine lives and manages to make said crazy aunt/uncle seem tame in comparison? Well, I'm 90% certain that if siblings of my friends start having kids, I am going to be "that friend." This particular story happened quite a bit ago and enough time has finally passed where it might qualify as mildly funny now.

A few friends and I decided to join a student group traveling down south for carnival weekend. The setup was sick- coach buses covering all travel and apartment styled hotel rooms right on the beach and plenty of cheap booze. Night 1 was uneventful aside from managing to somehow get trapped in a revolving door of our hotel. Anyways, we woke up late the next day and decided that it was imperative to rush the pre-drinking activities since the bus left for the festivities within the hour and it hadn't occurred to us that a festival centered around getting dressed up and drunk might also have some alcoholic beverages available on site. Stupid move #2 was not eating more than a bite of spaghetti all day (my appetite goes out the window when I'm drinking.) Rather than on eating, our priorities were focused on drinking and perfecting our carnival costumes. My friends and I were TMNT and I had equipped myself with a fanny pack (bum bag for you brits) that not only was perfectly color coordinated to fit my being Leonardo, but also happened to include a travel phone charger and credit card. Since we were being "super prepared for once", a friend even wrote out the name and address of our hotel on my arm with a sharpie "just in case L-O-L." Upon arrival, my instincts were of course to go directly to the sea wall of the city to watch the sunset. (Having grown up near the ocean for most of my life, anytime I'm near a large body of water I bee line it straight there.) Next hour is spent on this sea wall drunkenly discussing life values and the world at large with a friend. Meanwhile, I'm texting a boy who was also coming to the festival later that night. Next thing I know, phone has left my hand and has reappeared on the rocks below us. It's a pretty far drop down so my friend and I both give it up for lost and find the rest of our group. Less then ten minutes later I make eye contact with my friend (whose pupils all of a sudden are huge) and without a word we telepathically agree that we were for sure going on a recon mission to get this phone back. Friend finds a lower part of the wall to lower himself down onto the rocks below about 100 m away from the phone and slowly makes his way to where I'm marking it out. Meanwhile, other people are starting to notice this "loco f*cker" and are freaking out about him being so near the water. Friend finally gets to the phone….anddddd we realize it was just the back case. Oops. Thankfully some guys are able to pull him back over the wall and we go on our merry way again, albeit still phone less. I'm able to message the boy I'm supposed to be meeting up with later via a friends phone so still not too bad a situation.. right?? Hahahahahhahahahaa. Manage to get separated from friends without a phone to tell the time and next thing I know it's pouring rain past 2am and I've missed the bus back to our hotel. Cabs are taking forever and a day so I decide to take it upon myself to get home and end up hitch hiking….still dressed as a ninja turtle. A few drivers are creeps so I ditch and find other rides. Every time I tell the driver the name of my hotel, they seem a bit confused but drive on. I finally ask to borrow ones phone and google the name… nothing comes up. Now I'm a bit freaked at this point bc I KNOW this hotel exists and google doesn't lie.. er well most of the time. After a bit more car hopping, one driver is asking me things like how much for certain services… (me: omg I've found the one guy in the world with a ninja turtle sex fetish!!!! SOS) and I try to explain the situation and say that I will pay for gas if he gets me home. Thankfully he agrees and we stop by a gas station.. where I realize my handy dandy fannypack isn't actually carrying any cash.. thankfully credit cards work even at sketchy gas stations in other countries at 3am!!! By some stroke of luck I remember a neighboring resort we had seen earlier in the day and the guy recognizes the name and informs me that I've been going in the wrong direction this whole time. We drive there and the guy asks a security guard if he recognizes my hotel name. Turns out, my friend had botched the spelling on my arm which completely threw off the whole pronunciation. FINALLY make it back to my hotel. Ready to kiss even that damn revolving door. Rest of the student group at this point are either passed out or at the post game party. Latter party describes my entrance as "door suddenly opens, soaking wet figure illuminated by lightning in background stumbles in and proceeds to hug every single person with in reach."

Now whenever someone in my friend circle is up against what is seemingly an impossible task, this story is used as a "if she can make it back from carnival, you can do anything you set your mind to" type mantra. To sum up, don't drink and try to write addresses on your friends without a sober spell checker around…. or maybe just don't lose your phone.

TLDR; lost phone to ocean and friends to carnival, attempted to hitchhike in rain to a hotel that doesn't exist while dressed as a ninja turtle…make it home and realize that spell-checking paper clip fellow from Word would've finally been useful… friends turn story into inspirational mantra


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