[SECRET] Reorganization of the State Security Department

After a final review was issued of the disastrous operation in West Germany throughout the early 50s, and appropriate personnel discharged or arrested on suspicion of treason, Stasi higher-ups immediately set about creating a plan for the revitalization of the Stasi.

The Stasi, as it stands, operates an extensive informant network within the GDR, which shall be fully utilized and expanded, including outside the borders if possible. Every factory and apartment building shall have one designated informer/agent, who shall report to the local police. Abroad and in the GDR, "average" positions will be staffed by informants (e.g. janitors, bus drivers, secretaries) disproportionate to typical views on such- these individuals are considered invisible, yet have maximum contact with the public. As it stands, we employ 30,000 inoffizieller Mitarbeiters), and we always need more.

Markus Wolff, who has displayed exceptional skill in all possible degrees, shall be immediately instated as head of foreign intelligence.

The Departments are to be reorganized as follows:

  • Administration 12 will be responsible for the surveillance of communications apparatus (mail, telephone lines, radio, etc.)

  • Administration 2000 will ensure the reliability of the Volksarmee, particularly operating the large (unofficial) network of informants within it.

  • Main Administration for Security of the Economy shall operate to prevent espionage or sabotage within the GDR.

  • Division of Waste Analysis Shall comb through trash for evidence of western goods or collaboration

  • Main Administration for Reconnaissance shall operate all foreign intelligence operations and networks

  • Main Administration for Struggle Against Suspicious Persons shall operate surveillance on all foreign visitors visiting or transiting through the GDR

  • Main Coordinating Administration of the Ministry for State Security shall manage liaison with Soviet intelligence services, with whom we maintain an outstanding relationship.

  • Felix Dzerzhinsky Guards Regiment shall be put at the disposal of the Stasi, consisting of six rifle battalions, made up of those veterans proven outstandingly loyal and politically well-educated. They shall be armed with top-of-the-line gear, and sets of "non-lethal" equipment (Shields, batons, gas grenades). There shall also be a number of GRU-Spetznaz style Commando units attached to this regiment.

  • Main Department for Communications Security and Personnel Protection shall operate all internal security structures for the government, and provide personal security for all national leadership and designated important persons.

  • Penal System shall maintain imprisonment of all political criminals, distinct from the standard prisons of the Ministry of the Interior.


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