Title Report

VGC 17 changes with pokebank ?

Got my nephew a 3DS and Pokemon Moon for Christmas. Got mad feels writing him this letter thought I'd share with you. Happy holidays xo.

How does the death of CM affect the Axon?

Trouble w/Tumblr. Anyone else not able to log into account thru iOS app?

[BREAKING][CONFIRMED][OKAY NOT REALLY CONFIRMED] Glorious Aryan Kurds [BIJI] Capture Raqqa, T**ks Make 42,069th Attack On All-Boob Hospital

Smartwatch Giveaway (01/10/2017) {??}

Christmas was special this year and a special friend joined the family. Can you guess who she is?

Several things went right just to make this happen

Restaurants open today?

Title Report

This fan from Missouri is heading into the Belly of the Beast on this joyous day.

Mann ki Baat: PM Modi announces lucky draw for those making digital payments

[H] ★ BAYONET | FOREST DDPAT FT [W] 22 K https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=378288887&token=OJ0IFXE9

Google Bots and adfly Links

GF Got me a Ducky Shine 6 for Christmas

Would an striker duo of SBC Hazard and 87 Martens be too weak?

Best Christmas present this year

[Ps4][H]octane zsr[W]3k and soen crates pls psn:king-L_ksa2

Optimize Shopify Ecommerce site


Mixing Aluminum and Iodine

They put boxed shit next to the best siege weapon ever made! Sad!

Petition to get /u/OBJesus unbanned

The Cute Little Babysitter 7 (2016)

Marble Dining Table

Which is the best Jackie Chan movie you have seen?

Kial "krokodili" signifas, kio ĝi signifas?

Christmas boxes? What's inside? Wish i had a heads up to save coins

Party privacy problems

Santa brought Odin a new toy!

[PC] [H] Keys [W] Orange Team Wheels (Preferably Exotics)

What might demons want when taking over bodies before being exorcised by Priests?

[Gifted] terciopelo.

Boston Locomotive Railway at Christmas, Lowell, Massachusetts

Have a very green Gatmas

It won't turn on

Of my 1,910 posts, he only likes the one pic of my boobs.

I killed 14 King Black Dragons.


I haven't been getting any answers, am I aiming too high?

Lauren Orlando and Mackenzie Ziegler

Russian Plane Crashes En Route To Syria With 92 On Board

What keeper could we realisticly go for, if any, if we were to replace Cech/Ospina?

[PS4] [H] playmaker spiralis (1.5) lime trucker hat (.5) [W] Keys/ Item equivalent

Boston Locomotive Railway at Christmas, Lowell, Massachusetts

Looking for Game Recommendations

Handmade Leather Bracelets. ENJOY XMAS SALE 50% OFF +FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS. Use Code : XMAS

How do I turn off "Voice Control?"

What are the top ten records/albums that have influenced and shaped you as a drummer? (stolen from r/guitar)

山下達郎 (Tatsuro Yamashita) – 踊ろよ、フィッシュ (Dance, Fish) [1987]

[PS4][H]skyblue discos cert striker and ara-51 pink painted[W]exotic painted wheels or keys

Happy Holidays, r/LOTRO!

Merry Christmas /r/hockey

Is it worth it to keep 20% drop rate on superior gollux pendant?

Merry Christmas from asian ❤ (anybody know who she is?)

An Interview with Scott Minnich

My friends little brother is that guy

My First fountain pen courtesy of the fat man in the red suit

Plugged up 😉 (gif)

someone at bed bath and beyond is one of us

Everyone recognizes the date by the death of Jesus.


One of my sister's Christmas gifts to me is still a threat

Does this belong here?

Kamloops to Saskatoon

What's open downtown today?

950 years ago, William the Conqueror was crowned King of England at newly-consecrated Westminster Abbey. Normie Christmas, everyone!

Hooking Ana bot into our spawn on Hanamura

From USA, wondering best way to get tickets…

Could some translate this Japanese text on this shirt to English for me? Was considering buying, but would prefer to know what it says.

Assange: Clinton did herself in, not WikiLeaks

12-25 17:17 – 'Germany Wants To Fine You $520K For 'Fake News'' (youtube.com) by /u/wanax removed from /r/europe within 228-233min – reason: Low quality

AskGSG Slack team Christmas Chain

12-25 17:17 – 'Don't forget a picture of Elizabeth Warren next to the definition for "Pocahontas", and likewise a picture of Bernie Sanders next to "communist" and also "cuckold".' by /u/crooked_clinton removed from /r/europe within 2-7min

I just wanted to make a hole

Recent events for: Mitzi86 – Levelled up Farming.

Just got a ps4 and ds2..

Reddit, it's finally time, if not too late. I need your help.

You will be okay.

Recent events for: Spyro – I defeated the Wights of the Shadow Realm 1 time.

[Question] charging issues, help?

Moments Card Watch – Dec. 25, 2016

Recent events for: Spyro – I killed Gregorovic.


MErry Christmas EveryonE!

If i have pokemon x digitally and delete it can i reinstall it at any time?

The Largest floating Christmas Tree in the World (85m), Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Not really living, just existing


The Largest floating Christmas Tree in the World (85m), Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

How does the ID system work?

Human body facts

Alcohol Will Kill You (2015).

[EU] Serbia, Team Eclipse looking for 5th player(Serbian players only)

What the hell is up with the market this year?

Merry Christmas y'all

What's the Healthiest Plant-based Diet? | Fun Debate between experts

Abby Specs Question

Grab Your Wallet: 25 Stores Hit by the Trump Boycott

The PRIMARY conspiracy theory right now is whether Wikileaks is compromised and whether people who have found the insurance keys are being censored, the entire front page of r/conspiracy is a distraction.

Bring the shopkeeper quiz back!

Merry Christmas y'all

[Discussion] Event promotes lures yet offers special pricing on incense?

Syria War video today cristmas day December 25, 2016 [/u/furqanali156]

Merry Christmas to everyone in the (Happy Wars Community)

Mann ki Baat: PM Modi announces lucky draw for those making digital payments

Apple Watch – Unlock Demo Mode

Christmas is here.

Merry Christmas 2016 Yule Log (by ZX)

[PS4] [H] 2 Keys,Troika, painted Toppers [W] Octane

38[M4F] can't wait to cum with you this christmas

ISP in India hijack clicks. This needs to stop.

Probably a strange request

Brendan Fraser is in the upcoming Indian Drama "The Field". He looks badass.

Figured I would try to get verified for Xmas.

SIF Brozovic or Hamsik at CAM?

Amazing Riven art I got for Christmas! Done by Lee Townsend

How does an Irishman play Hot Potato

"why do you care so much about all those Beers? They're even worse then generic ones".

What are your closet staples? Must have?

My sister is making me a painting for Christmas!

Doctor Who 10×00 The Return of Doctor Mysterio Live Reactions Discussion Thread

Christmas Haul! NC

Ann Margret

[NSFW] guys of reddit- what makes 'good' porn?

Holly Michaels Car Wash

Why do we sign credit card purchases?

When my parent's said 'wear a xmas jumper'

MRW the steam winter sale kicks in and I'm about to buy a bunch of games I'll never play.

Half naked girls get thousands of upvotes; how many for our boys in blue?

Tesla Coil

I can't find a gif/image of Robbie Rotten

Neo Nazi assault upon White fish Montana

I got made redundant 3 months ago and now having that awkward small talk with every one of my in-laws and step-in-laws about what I'm doing with my life.

3 vs 1, I like our odds

My wife was both cruel and kind on Christmas

Elènne – King Of Thebes (Enzalla Remix)


The event is on! Go check your shop!!

Christmas in Iran: Vank Cathedral, Isfahan [/u/GloryOfPersia]

Erika by the window

Looking for some trick on gimp so every HEX has a different color.

Doctor Who 10×00 The Return of Doctor Mysterio Live Reactions Discussion Thread

Merry Christmas to the only reason I come to Reddit

Tired -To Hell and Back

I give up on love again and this time probably forever.

she has a million pictures of her smoking on her facebook

Yeah, gimme that clean cut

Chocolate and lemon cool whip cookies!

Urgent question regarding applying for engineering (high-schooler)

Best way to level alchemy?


Lesbian interracial sex video

[FS] Legendary Eagle account, fresh account with 10+ wins [$15]

THIS EXPLAINS IT: Future of Israel relations after US abstains from UN vote

money was tight so I got you all a load of cum instead 🙂

Las Vegas Government Now Running Entirely On Renewable Electricity, Officials Announce.

Merry Christmas from Sooyoung~

Counting Calories Debunked Infographic

Donald J. Trump on Twitter..)) MERRY CHRISTMAS!

[World] – Elderly couple burn house down after Christmas tree bursts into ball of flames | Telegraph

Just the CUTEST LITTLE BUN BUN [@sava_10RWBY on Twitter]

Sorry, Sir — we tried our best.

Merry Christmas from the Goddesses!

[World] – Israel summons ambassadors over UN Security Council vote on settlements | Telegraph

Face Down Ass Up

Naughty Christmas Suprise

Let's Just Make A Hole – Rainbow Six Siege

What's the point of doing this.

Merry Christmas, SW!

[PS4] [H] striker crimson lightning [W] good offers ,keys

Welcome, everybody!

Billy with a holiday message for everyone.

It's a bipod and bullets Christmas!

Dreams work unless you do

Logic vs Fl Studio

[Legit Check] Palace Olympic Crewneck

Strange problem with Chromecast

m9 bayonet/bayonet attache,ent

Checking the corners

[National] – Powerful typhoon slams into Philippines, spoiling Christmas

Giving away 10 CS:GO cases for whoever can name my AK Frontside Misty.

陆家嘴之心 by cb7a472854b428097d7b336403d139347

Ένεκα του σημερινού οικογενειακού τραπεζιού. [/u/DharmaLeader]

I've been riding around the world for over 2 years…anyone want to join in?

Kid opening Christmas presents

Santa must've thought I was a good boy. ..FNX 45 tactical

My parents legit surprised me with these this Christmas, I am still in shock.

New post on hangnmeat

Showing off my ass ♥

All for you baby

I'll tell you all about it when I see you again, buddy. ALDUS (2008-2016)

Thoughts on an VAFC2?

aside from watching it again, what is the best way(and fastest way) to recap attack on titan before season 2?

Some Old and stupid Vintage Ads

Build advice please? :3

Who is the strongest Sportacus can beat?

Tiffany's & Co porcelain blue boxes.

DT10: Virtual Reality. We have virtual reality. What’s next is straight out of ‘The Matrix’

Any fellow grocery store clerks who also hit their heads on everything?

Хор Црвене армије (Александров) – Тамо далеко [/u/silemrakaibezumlja]

University of Calgary student looking for advice from Oil and Gas professionals

Has the newest Prepatch broken the game for anyone else?

Merrington Chriscent!

BREAKING: Israel summons US ambassador, as Netanyahu criticizes Obama administration over UN vote on settlements

What question has never been asked before?

Fotos que tomé del DF y alrededores [/u/aaandresaveiro]

O Polbo Galego destronou o Bacalhau no Natal Portugués

It would've truly been a blue Christmas without you.

Ho ho ho! I am the real Santa Claus! AMA!

Derek Carr suffers broken fibula in win, out indefinitely

[Build Help] All-In-One gaming PC

Team Envy Full Roster Revealed

Does anyone know if i delete games ive downloaded to recover some storage space are they are able to be re-downloaded later or do they have to be purchased again??

How much did you lost while going vegan in a certain period?

The F7F-1 pilot is too short to see over the gun sight

Cache my smokes

made a forza horizon 3 vinyl ;D

[Find] 1:1 Belts on DHGate

Season of giving even how small you are. Thanks manong tricycle driver for the free ride! [/u/nikolodeon]

Screensaver clock always on portrait. Workaround or alternatives?

Apple iPhone 5 – 16GB – Black & Slate FreedomPop (Sprint) Smartphone https://t.co/2RcMq37DRR https://t.co/FrmnPSb9AZ

Homemade Everything Bagels, a Christmas Day Tradition in this old Jew's House

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays Eugene!

[UK] – Queen Elizabeth uses Christmas message to say Britain needs to 'take a deep breath'

My Ideology?

Looking for Suggestions and ideas

[PC] [H] Breakout Type-s,Type-s certified Acrobat, 6cc1, 15cc2, 6cc3, Spiralis, Looper, Pulsus, Lime Trahere, Forest Green Dieci, Chakrams, Hypernova [W] Offers,Keys, Dom GT


Margot Robbie

[FO] a scarf for Dad, completed just in time for Christmas morning!

First posts today…. hope I am liked!

Am I being ungrateful this Christmas?

Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) [1000 x 667]

My Christmas message to this sub

(Idea) Secondary eInk display to save battery, read ebooks.

How can you tell if people don't like you because you're an asshole or because they are jealous of you?

They haven't even finished building the new estate yet…

Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) [1000 x 667]

How does everyone feel about our countries stance towards Israel?

This is Tobi, he had his own little tree and a gift to put under it! Merry Christmas!!


Ada Jane 12-7-16 – Positive Super Duper Medicated!

[Xbox] [W] any donations of just a simple backwards cap [H] or I can even do any 2-3 uncommon toppers/antennas of choice

While we're posting Christmas presents

F4Futa – Group RP or Multiple Characters

Battery replacement for MacBook Pro 15' Mid-2009

First time at Daytona

me irl

Grandmother's intentions

44 [m4f] dork poet seeks smart woman who knows better and jumps on all the same.

Just got Ocarina Of Time (never played it, ever), 7 assorted German beers and my wife just put a duck in the oven…it's GO time!!

The 1952 Detroit Red Wings pose for a team photo

Aleppo Christians prepare war-ravaged church for first Christmas in five years (AFP)

Best Xmas Gift Ever!

We were given a great ornament this year.

Flight Engineer Peggy Whitson celebrates Christmas on the ISS [2048×2046]

Russian lesbian make out [Replay]

The best UPI (Unified Payment Interface) app for SBI, ICICI, HDFC,CBI, A…

Play time

John Cartel – Cartel Era [Street Rock]

My "Ashen One" headcanon.

[PS4] [H] Titanium White ARA + 8K / +10K [W] Heatwave or Biomass or keys

Based on the top speed of a Honda Civic, how far is it from your left knee to the base of your significant other's sternum?

The price of 2 stamps

The price of 2 stamps

The price of 2 stamps

Poland on Mac?

Wet pussy and ass 😉

[OC] Christmas Tree

Is the Leafre Codex unobtainable right now?

Voidheart still worth it for EQ?

[IIL] of Montreal, The Minders, The Apples in Stereo, the Grateful Dead, Phish, the Olivia Tremor Control, [WEWIL?]

A question about Sapphite Giannis

[Help] View and port set on startup code

Merry Christmas Reddit. May it be filled with whiskey and cats!

Temperatures are Soaring at the North Pole … Again

Do mods justify a third purchase of GTA?

"illuminated," oil on canvas, 24 x 18"

Better quality photo of Satan statue

The Three Brothers in Yosemite NP [OC] [5701×3801]

RTOs set to go cashless from January 2017

Just a sceenshot of my Current Map. Nothing special here.


Is it possible to have the Fan auto On when the heater turns on?

Christmas present-Nikon D3300 with Joby Gorillapod and Manfrotto tripod (Manfrotto tripod not featured in image)

Handsonme (Sweater from TFU Christmas Party)

Brett Works Hard to Break Embargo by Going for Ego's Ashley

Chocolate and lemon cool whip cookie

The Three Brothers in Yosemite NP [OC] [5701×3801]

Santa came last night.

MC Supplies Do Not Fill Properly?

Mayor Makes Big Decision On Future Of Airbnb – TYT

Christmas Q&A: Who deserves a lump of coal?

This will be some children's last Christmas in which they still believe in Santa

Tyva Kyzy — Sit and be Amazed [Tuvan throat singing] (2005)

And It's Only Getting Hotter…

This looks like her mugshot but it's a new employee greeting board.

Donald Trump staffer Jason Miller quits amid ‘sex scandal’ claims levelled by colleague AJ Delgado

furzy vs timthetatman

Theory/possible spoiler. How to get Pikachu with a hat.

i am a 19yo indian guy…yeah..thats about it AMA

Kol Zimra at the White House

[OC] Whelplings: A Very Merry Christmas Catastrophe

Wired vs wireless for ps4

My bell pepper had a baby

There's an ashtray on the toilet paper roll tray at my grandma's. I think it was more common in the past.

Pics of Years End Neneko for those who are curious

136000000XP in Attack

Guess what I got for Christmas!

importing sunth sounds

(PS4) LF1M Trials Flawless run

Feels Bad Man…

Часть 15. Город Бухарест. Part 15. City Bucharest

Help it snowed! 33F

Chinese restaurants open today?

If I see another post about the boxes I might lose my shit

My wife got incubator on her spin, I didn't?

Holy fucking shit you can get this in Lippy event?!

Heads up guys! The "no Present-OOP's in Sets problem" is indeed a bug

What is a movie quote that you always use in real life?

Recent events for: Spyro – I defeated the Wights of the Shadow Realm 1 time.

Queen Elizabeth uses Christmas message to say Britain needs to 'take a deep breath'

Recent events for: Spyro – I killed Gregorovic.

Missing xmas pack

"My Little Pony"? More like my little homie

Drink A Rum(It's Christmas)- Lord Kitchener Merry Christmas r/rum Caribbean style!

MUST READ: A white nationalist memo to young white republicans. An alt right classic, and great red pilling material for your purple pilled friends.

White Genocide's Kind of a Downer ~ Can We Broach The Subject By Reminding of Our Accomplishments & Giving Direction to Those Who Might Become Meme Warriors?

Lauren Orlando and Mackenzie Ziegler

Let's have a moment of silence for us that lost our daily streak to the holiday gatherings.

I love these people

[Homemade] Christmas morning cinnamon rolls

My brother still understands

After a 6 game losing streak despite trying your very best…

SWR50 SmartWatch 3, Facebook Messenger and Torch?

Physical Hoppe

It was supposed to be a demo with a still of a painting, ended up becoming a video lava lamp. Too much? I guess it depends if you're into dream pop and shoegaze. The painting is by our beautiful bassist Romy Karina.

Morrigan lost a bet with Sera (Xentho)

New Christmas gifts in store

Kid gets giant action figures for Christmas and beats them up!

Can I use the value pack from steam on reboot?

Dec 25 17:45 UTC EU – ComeBackV's #6 – FFA – Goldless, Timber [1.7] [TornadoUHC]

Elénne – King Of Thebes (Enzalla Remix)

Lumia 650 – Game Lags

F2P now with two God leads. Pulled cause Merry Christmas, right?

Analyzing Zootopia

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Anybody here?

Laptop and an mSATA

Root help fire 5

To all the new Christmas Halo 5 players. Make sure you check out Big Team Battle!

idk uplay. you decide!

Quick Office Expansion

My parents (accidentally) got me a shirt in the genderqueer pride colors for Christmas!

Holiday Event

[Business] – How can couples deal with income differences?

Ponyta no

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals…

[Politics] – Gingrich: Obama 'desperate frenzy' to save legacy | CNN

[Politics] – Israel summons US ambassador as Netanyahu hits out at Obama | CNN

[Televisionposter] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Glug, glug, glug, glug! Christmas time, Christmas time! Drinking on Christmas!

A Call For Guttag's Opinion

"Michael Scott Paper Company" has really gone down the toilet.

[PC] [H] Pink SCORER Zomba [W] Auction (~2 hours left)

Finally Diamond! Streaming ranked games.

I always loved this "creepy crying jesus statue" commercial parody

Favorite shows in April 1995. The end.

2016 — A Pantsu Odyssey [Hanekawa Tsubasa — Kizumonogatari II]

Far-Right German Party Blames Merkel for Truck Attack

Eyes Wide Shut

Soundtrack Star Wars Episode VIII (2017)

Archbishop from Belgium: "Islam must be intergrated in our society".

New to the surface family, a few questions

Best defense skill farm technique?

Favorite shows in April 1995. The end.

TIL: Saint Nicholas actually originated in the Byzantine empire, or modern Turkey

Quicksand Dream – White Flames on Black Water [Sweden, 2016][FFO: Manilla Road, Eternal Champion]

Best momofuku restaurant on a budget?

[NPD x2] Been making wishy-washy sounds with these all morning!

Why are you spending time with your family instead of being on Reddit right now?

Children by pridark

Digital Workplace: How HR Will Change In 2017

Recovering data is ridiculous

My 10 Year Old Cousin Does Gaming Videos, UK XD

I love the Trump but can anyone tell me if I should be concerned about his environmental policies as I'm not 100% sure about them?!

What's your favorite class?

[LC] friend got some V2's for Christmas, they good?

August Ames in Yoga Pants

Merry Shibismas everyone!

Anyone else's tap water smell like a swimming pool today? (East Van)

Could someone throw me a bone?

Stay TIRED bros

Preview of Diep Remake I am working. It will be community run & updated frequently.

My boyfriends dog bit someone, if they file a lawsuit he can't pay court costs or the hospital bill and will likely wind up in jail which means he loses the first decent job he's had. Texas, USA

Noob Question. 200k dmg

Merry Christmas from Matt ❤

Im at Chapter 8 and have 100K Experience saved (@Lv46) – Should I cash it before I advance the story or wait for the 3X Hotel?

[Request] Is it possible?

Basic Fit for Christmas! Happy Holidays r/streetwear!

Introduction to Greek mythology – stories and characters

Christmas greeting card you can also make & share with yr loved ones.

Trump Has Been Thinking About Nuclear Proliferation Since 1987

[/r/askscience] If you had a pinhole camera with an aperture that only let one photon in at a time- what would its pictures look like? [chart in comments]

25+ foot DP cables with 3440×1440 100Hz and 2560×1440 165Hz.

Turkish Airstrikes Kill 88 Civilians in Syrian City of al-Bab

Saw this at my grandparents. I have no idea

Abella Danger is dirty

Stefan Frei comic in today's sports section

[psn] [h] heatwave, slipstream, cert juggler pink fsl, ALL ON TIMER, WANT TO KNOW WORTH. [w] offers

Best place to watch the Christmas game

Merry Derpmas!

Chords for Stand Tall?

And now for my final party trick I will shit the bed horribly. Merry fucking Christmas.


Bronxr on Twitter: End of the year poll: Christmas Edition: Who, according to you, has lost most, if not all, of his credibility in Crypto? #Bitcoin

Funny Call

GF Wants To Know What Ya Think

Kendra’s Obsession Part 2 – Blacked

"EVOLUTION", a CS:GO Montage

21 [M4F] – Conservative Childhood. Anyone religious?

Hey R/cooking! Let me see your best pressure cooker recipes.

Dog missing in Fort Greene on Christmas. Friendly. Phone numbers on collar. Please help!

Present from my parents!! Question graphics card.

[PS4] [H] cert Aviator Crimson Loopers [W] Cert white or black zombas

US 5V5 (centraL)

˄˄LINK˄˄ One Hundred Demons..,czytać librairie bas prix język,angielski.,.italiano..Popatrz

Bronxr on Twitter: End of the year poll: Christmas Edition: Who, according to you, has lost most, if not all, of his credibility in Crypto? #Bitcoin

Describe your favourite male model and let us guess who is him

Suggestions on Types of jobs to apply for

Video of man tying Siddaramaiah’s shoelaces goes viral; BJP flays CM

World-renowned military choir on board crashed Russian plane

New Apt/Bike Storage

Take off that thong

Wts- Padron Londres Maduro

UWP movie player with network share support (SMB/CIFS)

[Question]Upgrading from Iphone 6 9.3.3 to an Iphone 6s with unknown firmware

[Xbox] [H] 1 C4 [W] 3 C3s

LF>4IV Ditto From Region other than ENG, Timid Tapu Fini, Hasty or Naive Pheromosa; FT: See Inside!

What can you do with apples?

[QUESTION] Using Amplitude 4, 64bit Reaper, and Addictive Drums 2, is my computer not strong enough?

In retrospect, were Kingsglaive/Brotherhood necessary? (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

LF someone to change the IV's on my tapu koko FT 5 IV gible or Magic guard abra

[2006-12-26] Know Thy Enemy – Why cousin marriage matters in Iraq [reddit.com]

Step Sister And Twin BFF Fuck Brothers Cock

Gearing in PvE to become competetive in PvP?

Mystic Vi easter egg for 2017?

[ps4] [H] Paragon HEXED BM [W] offers

Now they have to be messing with us. THREE different green Skittles and no lime.

Rest is History hahah…..

[Fluff] Looking for Godtenks friends

Guitar hero X-plorer guitar not working :/

Gas Pump Talent – Ball and Chain (Social D. cover)

bratty and catty find 9999G in the trash by fruit of santa dried gift snack

Salty AF

-"Beep boop beep-beep" -"Merry Christmas to you too, R2D2."

Iraq's Muslims celebrate Christmas in solidarity with Christians. 'we are one people,' say shoppers in Baghdad.


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