Most likely joining the ANG after college. Intel or Cyber-ops?

Hello everyone, I've got some questions relating to potential in each field and subsequent potential in the civilian world with both the intelligence and cyber operation occupations with the ANG and I'd like to hear thoughts and opinions from those in the Guard. (I apologize if this is a bit wordy, I've got quite a few questions and they may get jumbled as I go on.)

So, I have been thinking about a military career with the ANG after I graduate college. I've contemplated this for a long time and I've realized that I will have a lot more opportunities having a few years of experience and training under my belt with the Guard than a random kid coming out of school and working a shit-tier job off the bat. I will be graduating in 2018 with a degree in Security and Risk Analysis, and a minor in Information Technology. Now, with my degree, I have two tracks I can go down, currently I'm in Intelligence Analysis and Modeling but the other half of the degree is Cyber-security. So, recently I've visited a local base and spoke with a recruiter who gave me some pointers on options that I have with both fields, cyber-ops being the much more difficult career to enter into as an officer (Which I currently plan to enter in as an officer). As well as the fact that both of these careers involve nearly a yearlong pipeline of training.

From what I learned from that visit, I could go in as an officer, however they hire from within and could potentially cause problems if I don't get accepted into what I'd like to do. I was told that potentially going in as enlisted, getting my name out there, building my reputation as the son of another very well reputed enlisted to build my credibility and then applying for an officer position in increase my chances. Thoughts?

I also learned that to get into the cyber operations part of the guard is extraordinarily difficult though it does open up a lot of doors in the civilian world as I could potentially go work anywhere I wanted to. I spoke to an officer on the base who worked with intelligence in years past and he gave me a brief synopsis of what kinds of operations intel is involved in, where I could go, and a few pointers on opportunities within intel in the civilian world.

Another question I'd like to ask, is do intel officers go through SERE? I was told that intel trainees train in several survival schools but I was curious if it is as intense as SERE training. (Unless of course they are one in the same. I'm more curious about the 'Resistance' part I've heard about).

Since my visit earlier this week, I've been contemplating whether or not I should continue my education down the intelligence track as I have been doing, or if I should turn my focus to cybersecurity. My father seems to think that doing cyberops would give me many more opportunities in the civilian world as well. So, would I be investing myself into a career too niche such as intel or does this not seem like a very good idea since cybersecurity allows me to be much more flexible. Working at companies like Lockheed Martin and even potentially with a contractor is a dream job and an end goal for myself to consider myself successful, and I know that all of these companies offer lucrative careers in both lines of work. I have no qualms about working in either field, I'm passionate about intelligence as I am (Though not nearly as knowledgable) for cybersecurity. I'd just like advice from other knowledgeable men and women in the service to see if they agree with the advice of my father.

Thank you very much for your time, and I appreciate your service immensely.

Edit: Wording. I also plan on working part time, if that makes any difference.


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