Best ID for Taco Bell Cantina in Vegas?

Hey guys, whats the best ID for the Taco Bell Cantina in Vegas? Doe's anybody have any experience with getting their ID taken at the Taco Bell Cantina? The bouncers seem rough as fuck according to Yelp, one person wrote:

"The security guard KICKED ME OUT of the line for closing the automatic closing door. No warning. No explanation. Nothing. HE PUT HIS HANDS ON ME AND PHYSICALLY PUSHED ME OUT OF THE RESTAURANT. Not just me but the gentleman behind me too after he did the same thing. It was 32 degrees out and the door would not close behind us because the line was too long so we physically closed the sliding door"

And another guy in his 50's on Yelp wrote :

"Horrible service, credit card machines wont work, wont accept $100 bill, id'd my wife and I multiple times, and they were extremely rude and gave me attitude when I said we had already been id'd twice."

TL;DR: Need to try Bacardi Baja Blast Freeze in Vegas, what would be the best ID.


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