Would you tell a widow that her passed husbands phone is powering a christmas tree? …or is that wrong?

Last night I noticed the extension cord to the Christmas tree at work was missing. When the duty tech got in (I'm on night shift) he said that the inspector came by and running electrical cords under doorways was not up to code. There is no free outlet in the lobby where the tree is situated so…no lights for Christmas 😦

I had some scrap fiber optic (I also do cable installation) lying around at home so earlier this evening I stripped it down to the cladding and bent it at intervals snapping the glass inside and thus creating points of light. This made for very pretty Christmas "lights". For the light generator I decided to use an old samsung (the super bright LED 'flash') with a torch application. Battery powered Christmas 'lights' for the tree :)….screw the inspector/grinch !

When I was snapping the fiber it hit me just what was going to power the Christmas tree. I work for a non-profit security company that is mandated to hire veterans, ex police, etc. I also have a strong interest in software Freedom and am especially rooting for the replicant project. I work contract so I work all over the place. There are lots in the company who do. A lot of other guards know that I'm always looking for ancient android phones to screw around with. A couple months ago a fellow guard gave me one. I didn't realise until preparing it to take cyanogenmod just whose it was. Long story short; About a year ago her husband, also a guard with our company, took his service pistol…and …well…you can imagine the rest 😦 I've worked with him before and at the time recognized him in the pictures left in the phones album. I just put the phone in my 'junk drawer' and it's been there until tonight. I'm thinking of the series of coincidences as a touching tribute to him. I dunno if I should tell his widow though. I don't know if she'll take comfort in the coincidences or if it will just make this time of year even worse for her. She's not on this contract so it would be easy just to keep it to myself, but it pretty much is the result of odd coincidences for no reason. I dunno, I've never been good at judging what's socially acceptable. The last thing I want to do is accidentally hurt her but at the same time maybe she should know and it will help? Thoughts? I'm gonna go to work now and put up the 'lights' on lunch. I'll check back in the morning for the opinions of others. TIA 🙂


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