[Event] The other 2022 elections

Though mostly overshadowed by the Presidential election and its associated drama with the revelation of the PSPK's significant influence over politics, local elections also occurred across the Philippines with a few notable events taking place.

In accordance with the executive order from Former President Duterte regarding diaspora representation in government, the overseas Filipino population has been able to vote on two representatives for the Senate, out of a total of 26 seats, in line with proportional representation for overseas citizens.

The results show that the PDP and NPC received one seat each, strengthening the position of the governing party and the main opposition party while weakening the handful of other parties who had previously maintained a plurality in the Senate. This represents the first steps of a slow shift away from a multi-party system and toward a two party system, causing smaller party leaders to panic. It remains to be seen how this will affect President Pimentel's ability to pass laws.

Additionally, the Filipino majority of the population of the city of Sandakan in Sabah has elected its first municipal government, providing services to people who had previously been stateless. A national registry website has been created, and the Sandakan Filipino Municipal Government office will maintain an open door policy to register as citizens all those who demonstrate Filipino heritage or allegiance to the government of the Philippines.

This parallel municipal government in Sandakan has received a $3.5 billion grant from the Philippines in order to build a desalination plant on the coast capable of delivering 400 megalitres of water per day, as well as providing the funds for laying an undersea power cable to Zamboanga in Mindanao through the Sulu Archipelago. The desalination plant is estimated to have a construction period of three years, and the power cable should be completed within two years, but it should be noted that these facilities will not have access to any existing city infrastructure and will require further investments to become useful.

The Sandakan Filipino Municipal Government office has additionally obtained 24 hour security coverage by a team of 200 privately contracted security guards living in an adjacent facility [S] who are members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines [/S]


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