The Republic of Charvonia Family: VanderHills (Wind) (VanderHillian, VanderHillic)

Flag: A detailed picture of sectoral capital planets. Motto: For the love of the state, we shall not fail. Anthem: My country. Capitol: Fheic (Vander-City) Languages: Charvonian (Fheician) Ethnic groups: Shards, Tacomans, Wifteys, various others. Tradelanes: Sharizian pass Population: 127.5 Billion

Charvonia's population is high because the state annexed the very populous Shardic territory of Horticul during the race war. The Shardic culture primarily use magic. That, coupled with a slim lined immigration, has given Charvonia a higher than normal population count. Charvonia's population is high because the state annexed the very populous Shardic territory of Horticul during the race war. The Shardic culture primarily uses magic. That, coupled with a slim lined immigration, has given Charvonia a higher than normal population count.

Communication on Charvonian worlds is near instantaneous. Planet to planet territory depends upon how far they are from each other. The military maintains several key communications that can be piggybacked off of.

Economic Diversity: Upper (15%) middle (45%) lower (40%) Magic (34%) Elemental (13%) Energy (22%) Normal (31%) Economy: Divisions: Mining of metals and minerals, construction, jewelry making, forensic science, and mechanics – Specialization, leader in advanced science, Aerospace R&D, and the service industry. Exports: Exotic fruits, tree fruit, spices and nuts, metals, contracting jobs, protection, jewelry, precious gems, gold, Ckett Imports: Fuel (Natural/oil) Tax rate: Medium-High – Income Health, Pension, Inheritance, Travel, Wealth, Gambling, Expatriation, Corporate, Un-employment, Bank, Tariff, Environment, Property, Stamp, Capital, VAT, Road, Inflation Education: High – Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy, Religion, Politics, History, Computing, Electronics, Novanic Health, Religion: Domian Pantheon – Nesol, Mesoa, the Cardinal winds. Wealth: Wealthy. Sport: UFC-Ball Bordered by: Rembra, EstouQ (North) TROD (South) Lensane (West) Pritila (East) Companies: Faniron industries, Marstar engineering, Carltek design, Hillic publishing co., and Quantum research. (+More) Recent activity: N/A Ambition: N/A Skeleton: N/A Buff – Faster everything, starts with three companies, a larger tax pull due to companies HQ. Govt. position: Chairmen of the DOD’s armed branches committee, sonic weaponry. Debuff –? Allies: Lensane, Ybut, EstouQ (TROD, UPAA) Enemies: Rembra, Tej, Ustel, Oplas. Favorability: Reprosl, Tema, Floran – Purple Etitur, Spale, Htenna, – Yellow Criaqul, Curdington, Trieola, Beslod – None


The Republic of Charvonia was officially founded over two hundred years ago, but has unofficially existed for much longer. The First Novan Emperor Harkon set up his government, he gave the states the majority of the power, with his nobility serving as its executives. While the empire’s fall was felt galactic wide, the Charvonian state continued about its business as an independent government until the signing of the Dodeca Treaty. The state was forced to sign over certain parts of its sovereignty in exchange for collective protection, but retains the majority of its independence.

The Republic of Charvonia, despite fierce resistance from the League of Conservative Federalists, Charvonia is considered a very progressive, diverse and multicultural nation. The federal government is the instigator of said ideology that "all who are willing to work under and live by our rules are able to live here peacefully." This has led to Charvonia to be called a "cultural mosaic." Though many of the elite are weary of immigration. (There are two types of immigration. The first is inter-state: The Schehen treaty permits anyone who is a citizen of a Federation state to move around and live in any territory so long as they abide by the state's laws. The second is galactic-immigration, those that come from foreign states. Charvonian nobility fear them because they're unaccounted for variables.)

Charvonian culture draws heavily upon inclusion of foreigners and minorities to promote a "one size fit all" just society protected by a constitution and bill of rights. Public health care, progressive taxation, a strong resolve to end poverty, being religiously, ethnically, racially and linguistically diverse, strict gun control and most recently, same-sex marriage, has placed Charvonia as a trailblazer for many other states.

Charvonian is a healthy blend of conservative and liberal/scientific religious policies. And is divided into three regions: The staunchly establishment north, the neutral center and the liberal/highly religious south. Each one has a slightly different dialect. Parents of the nation can send their children to any school on the planet they are born on. If they excel, they can be transferred to the regional royal academy for higher learning.

The cuisine includes turkey, venison, potatoes/sweet potatoes, squash, corn and syrup. Mardy Graw is a nationally recognized multicultural holiday that strives to meld cultures. It last from Friday at five Pm till Sunday at midnight. It is a paid weekend off.

The RoC makes use of the electoral system to avoid separatism. EC votes are assigned before every election using a formula agreed upon by both houses.

Criminal Justice

The Charvonian criminal justice system is designed to give those affected the justice they deserve while allowing the effector to atone for his actions. They're given a full evaluation; Looking into any previous criminal activity, past jobs and educational background. Mid to low level offenders are asked what they wants to do in life and given the opportunity to do it up until they're sentence is served. Afterwards, a panel of people vote on whether or not to release

Murder gets you actual jail time, the time varying by the degree. If it's the highest degree, twenty-five years minimum with parole for life.

Legally required to work to pay of damages. All crimes require a minimum of three month with weekly known and several hidden checkups.

Political parties

United Progressives of Charvonia The Moderators League of Conservative Federalists


The RoC’s government is a variant of/resembles a constitutional monarchy; a system of governance where there is a federation of states, or planets, with a single monarch (Henceforth called “Arch”) Arch overall head of the federation, but retaining limited/shared powers with other branches of government. All power no given to the federal government is automatically the power of the sectors and planets. There are officially three (Four) branches of government:

The Archship – (Headed by the Arch)

The National Assembly – (TPF, PC)

The Clerk Convocation – (Headed by the Chief Clerk)

(The Credenza- Is an unofficial branch of government, holding various elected and appointed officials.)

Government split: UPOC (42%) TM (21%) LOCF(37%)

The Archship

The Arch has sole control over the handling of foreign, national defense and military policy – With The National Assembly’s oversight. The Arch has the power to veto all laws passed through the The National Assembly, though they can be overturned with a sixty percent majority vote from both chambers.

The Archship is allowed to send a representative to speak on its behalf. The Arch is also allowed to sign temporary one month executive orders that are hold the full weight of the law, They will remain law until the National assembly or the TCC vote to strike it down or not. (At any point in time.) Archs are answerable to the courts for acts of treasons/dishonest or for breaking one of the ten rules.

They have no voting power in the legislature. This branch of government is able to appoint members to the national cabinet (with The National Assembly's approval):

The Charvonian constitution provides that the Arch may make an appointment during a National Assembly’s recess without the Senate's advice and consent, but, not for the Justice department and only until they reconvene.

The Archship is ran by the VanderHill family. The current Arch is named Floyd. (Moderate) He

The VanderHills


This strain of the VanderHill family was installed as the face when Floyd secured the Archship in the family's "free for all" duel in the year xxxx. His first official child is Floyd Jr., conceived several years after he formally assumed the mantle with the first of four wives. Gerald was next to follow after a breakup, with Danielle and Flonique right after. J'vante was the result of an extramarital affair. Lastly, Ricca and Emeth are the last of his children.

Of the seven, Ricca is considered the strongest, while Emeth is considered the weakest. J'vante rivals Ricca in terms of publicity as he's a famous musician.

Floyd is soon to be succeeded by one of his children Ricca (Conservative) or Emeth (Centre left) Ricca is expected to take the Archship without contest. Compared to many other families, the VanderHills are deemed fair, but firm. The EstouQ family is considered the most laid back.

*The Grand Arch-Duke: Floyd Anthony VanderHill The Grand Arch-Duchess: Kimberly Michelle Kendall

First-Duke Floyd Jr. (Floyd)(Oldest son)

Duke Gerald (Floyd) First-Duchess Flonique (Floyd)(Oldest daughter) Duchess Daniella (Floyd)(Youngest daughter) Duke J'vante (Floyd)(Youngest son) Duchess Ricca (Kimberly-Only daughter)

Duke Emeth (Kimberly-Only son)

Arch-Mage: – Title not introduced at this time period.

Family guardian: Nana – Tethering – Astral companion.

Warlords: Royce Rosa, Aruon, Unnamed, Unnamed.

The National Assembly

The The National Assembly, in general, handles domestic and economic policy. Bills introduced by both laws must be approved by both.

Secretary of the The National Assembly – Is in-charge of the day to day operations of the The National Assembly

Sergeant at Arms – Is in-charge of the security of the The National Assembly.

The Planetary Council – Planet-at-large representation to the federal government via elected senators. Prepares/propose laws. These include the requirement that the Senate must advise and must consent to some of the cabinet members.

Viscount of the Council – The VOTC is an automated position, held by an AI and is charged with maintaining order and decorum, recognizing members to speak, and interpreting the Senate's rules, practices and precedents.

The Senate must consent to all treaties with foreign governments; it tries all impeachments, and it nominates the Head of Government in the event no person gets a majority of the electoral votes while the HoR confirms. Officials whose appointments require the Senate's approval include members of the cabinet, heads of most federal executive agencies, ambassadors. If this body proposes laws, the HoR confirms, and vice-versa.

Senate majority leader – Is in-charge of the majority party. Senate minority leader – Is in-charge of the minority party. Senate party leader – Is in-charge of his/her party in the senate.

The People’s Forum – Local representation to the federal government voting body – Prevent unpopular laws. Has the power of the purse. All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives. House of Representatives to impeach federal officials for "Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors" and empowers the Senate to try such impeachments. If the sitting Arch or cabinet members are being tried, the Chief Justice of the CR presides over the trial. During an impeachment trial, senators are constitutionally required to sit on oath or affirmation. Conviction requires a two-thirds majority.

The voice of the people – Is the presiding officer for the House of Representatives, in-charge of the legislative agenda for the house. This position is non-partisan.

The Indigenous people act requires the inclusion of minority races and planets by setting up a permanent joint committee specifically designed to review laws for their constituents.

They have the ability to directly appeal to the national TCC for law nullification on their worlds only.

*Pending legislation:

Voting rights for prisoners

Any citizen convicted of mid and lower crimes or on parole, shall have the right to vote in national elections. The planets will decide local voting. Prison executives and staff will not participate in the workings of said election. An independent commission will conduct them a week prior to the general election. Those incarcerated are allowed to receive campaign material and view them view debate

The Clerk Convocation

The Clerk Convocation is the judicial branch of the Charvonian government, handling all judicial matters. The TTC grows from a small convocation of several clerks presiding over a planet to the main council which review national judicial issues. The first in this system is planetary.

Each planet is allowed to select and vote for three clerks for a term of six years. Beyond that, you have sectorial and territorial clerks, with convocations equal to the number of planets, that rule on judicial decisions. Finally, you have the main convocation that can be appointed by either the Arch and Legislature, yet approved by popular vote.

Before an act of the National Assembly can be brought into law, it must first be deemed fair and Novane by the TCC. TCC is the highest court in the land and can overturn any lower court decision. All laws can be brought up to TCC for review and judgement but they must be brought up to them.

Uniquely, each convocation operates a computer system that tests the legal and moral knowledge of a Novan and gauges the average opinion per case to help guide the clerks on certain matters.

The chief clerk is nominated by the Arch, voted on by the court and confirmed by The National Assembly. The courts, as well as the The National Assembly, is protected by the Charvonian Honor Guard – A military organization separate of the Arch's military.

Main convocation:

Nodole Vren, a resident Fhecian, has always been interested in the law and the ramifications behind the actions taken by the court system. In primary school, he obtained his "school" bar and went onto juggling being a defense attorney for students, and a prosecutor on the "government" authority.

Upon turning twenty-two, he completed the state bar exam at age and served as a (Pros/def?) lawyer for twelve years, then a federal judge for five more.

He personally doesn't like the idea of judging people by a group, preferring to judge by targeted issues and their stances on such.

The Credenza:

The Council of Governors – The council is intended to serve as a mechanism to for sectorial governors and key government officials can address matters regarding matters that relate to synchronization and integration of state and federal military and civil activities while serving the capacity of running their respective areas. It can pass what can considered to be federal level laws if enough of its members agree to it. This can effectively bypass the The National Assembly and Archship, but is still held to the courts. This branch is controversial.

The Council of the Nobility – Charvonian Nobility has taken drastic changes over the years regarding their role in government. At one point, they used to govern entire planets and districts until the passing of the nobility act. The act guarantees the rights of the nobility, how it is given and how it can legally be removed. In return, they swear fealty to the Royal Family, not Charvonia.

Now, the Nobility no longer have an outright say in how the planets they live on are run. There are certain exceptions, but they must now run for positions in government, serve in the military and advise the Arch via the Nobility council. In exchange, the estates they own are tax-exempt and pay a different tax rates than business.

The nobility council's primary role is to advise the Arch on all matters that come to their attention. The council must also approve of all Arch appointments to the National cabinet and can breaks legislative ties. Lastly, in the event of a malfunction in the Arch selection process, this council decides the new Arch. Publicly elected

Emergency Management Agency – Publicly elected. Government Accountability board – Publicly elected. Department of Justice – Publicly elected. The Militia – Publicly elected. (A branch independent of the Arch or Courts army. Tasked with overturning the government if it ever goes against the will of the people.) Department of Commerce – The National Assembly (Handles all things dealing with the buying and selling of goods.) – Publicly elected. Chancellor of the economy – Publicly elected. The Internal Revenue Service – The National Assembly (Handles all things tax related.) – Publicly elected. Department of Research and Development – The National Assembly (Handles all things to do with R&D.) – publicly elected.


Department of Immigration – Arch/The National Assembly (Handles immigration.) Department of Veteran Affairs – Arch/The National Assembly (Handles the care and well-being of veterans.) – Arch Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – Arch/The National Assembly Department of Port Authority – Arch/The National Assembly (Handles all things port related.) Arch/The National Assembly Department of State Administration – Arch/The National Assembly/public (Operates and handles all matters of state.)

Department of Agriculture – The National Assembly (Handles all things Agricultural.) – Arch/The National Assembly

National Assembly

Department of Energy – The National Assembly (Handles all things energy.) Department of Homeland security – The National Assembly (Provides for the over watch and general safety of the homeland.) – Public Department of Education – The National Assembly (Handles all things to do with education.) – Publicly elected. Center for Disease Control (CDC) – The National Assembly Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – The National Assembly


Department of the Treasury – Arch (Operates and handles all monetary matters.) Department of the Armed forces – Arch (Handles all things military.) Representative to government. (Represents the family to the government.)

The Clerk Convocation

The Charvonian Honor Guard – Arch/The National Assembly/TCC (Protects all government officials at all levels.) – TCC appointed.


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