Don’t bother going to events like the Crown Duel

Hey everyone! I attended the Crown Duel as a spectator and I would like to warn you off from spectating SC events live by telling you about my experience.

First off: proof I was there

Secondly: it would be unfair to say that the King's Cup was not awesome, because by all accounts it was an amazing event.

Anyway, why would I say to never attend a Supercell event as a spectator?

Let me tell you about my experience from start to finish.

I saw a post about signing up to spectate the Crown Duel, and it included an application via casting agency. It asked who my favorite player and card were (more on this later)

I got an acceptance email very quickly, which was super exciting. I was extremely hyped to go to this event for a week.

Day of the event comes. Event starts at 12, we're told to get there at 10. Okay.

We get there at 10, it's really cold, and we sign our camera disclosures in a parking lot. Okay again.

Here's where it starts getting weird. After about 45- 1hr waiting in arbitrary lines, we were separated based on our favorite cards to parking spaces and given colored wristbands. Which we were told to go back into if we left. What?

It ended up being an hour and a half of waiting in a cold parking lot with no chairs being sheparded by people who didn't play CR and had no idea what was going on. We were suppose do to be seated by section to cheer for our favorite player but the casting agency (two separate ones actually) just wanted to get people wristbanded ASAP so we could be out of sight out of mind.

Then we go to the venue, we're walked in a huge line through 2-3 street crossings. At this point me and my newly made friends are still hype for the event, shouting our arbitrarily-assigned card-team name. (For us it was Tornado)

Then we get there. We get seated, and it's cramped, which is somewhat expected as the Globe is a small theater. They hand props to us that represent our team. Some of them looked pretty great, and they're all handcrafted.

However, they clearly skimped on the party favors. What do I mean? The light-up spinners were damaged and painted red with acrylic paint- mine was still kind of sticky. Another section got glow teeth that were all unsealed and mostly damaged. (You probably didn't see anyone wearing them on stream, because it's a huge health hazard. One girl tried them on and got glow in her mouth)

Keep in mind that at this point we are still hype for the event.

Right now things are being passed out and a crew member is passing out barbarian and archer pins. They had two large ziplocs of them. I got one, most people didn't.

Okay! Event starts. No comment on the hosting because I couldn't really hear them at times- their mics weren't being rebroadcast to the crowd properly.

First hint the event wasn't meant for us.

Next, while they're introducing the players, everyone around me is trying to figure out where the sound is coming from. For the entire crowd, there's one 32-inch ish TV facing toward the stage, so people in about 4 sections had to completely turn around to see it at all. That TV was actually the teleprompter when it wasn't being used for the videos.

Second hint the event wasn't meant for us.

At some point I go to the bathroom. I have to walk through the VIP section, where they have a bunch of food. Cool.

I ask where the bathroom is and I'm told I have 30 seconds to make my way through the VIP section, and to run. I'm a well-dressed, grown adult and I stroll to the bathroom in under 30 seconds because it's a small VIP section.

Back to the event! Another note- when casters were talking there was no way for the crowd to hear them- this was probably to keep the players from getting live coaching so I won't knock the event for this. However in interviews between matches they didn't put them onscreen for us.

Second note- a random dude in a suit sitting in front of us to the right was asked by a cameraman if he wanted to play Mango's brother on camera and he accepted and began to fake cheer for someone he didn't know in a game he didn't seem to actually play. Mango's real brother was sitting to his left.

When the event ended, they cut off the stream at BackstabX's victory celebration with the confetti.

The audience had to sit there for at least a good 20 minutes watching photo ops, and then the female host who already put on a backpack and street clothes thanked us for being there and dismissed us (most likely, I couldn't really hear). And then one of the production people said that actually we're leaving by section and we had to wait more.

We got shepherded out as fast as possible (validation on the left! Move!)

No time to meet and greet players or streamers/youtubers.

I got food with some people I met after the event, some of them placed rather high in the King's Cup and most of them had ambitions to be competitive in CR. They all agreed that if they went to this event first they would have never gone to the King's Cup, and that they felt disrespected and that Supercell was cheap. They were all discouraged from pursuing competitive CR because of this experience, as well.

To conclude, I'm glad I got to see Clash Royale live because I love the game. However the event production was awful and you disrespected the fans in attendance. The event was clearly meant for a live-streamed audience and the live spectators were there as bodies. To the people who will tell me I'm a nobody: there was at least one KC semi-finalist there in the audience being treated the same way as us, and many people travelled fairly long distance for this event.

Thanks for reading, and happy Clashing!

EDIT: thanks for the support everybody! Below I've posted /u/EggoGF's experience which deserves a better response.


I had a similarly bad experience with this event and Pitman Casting. Prior to the event, I received two confirmation e-mails and an in-person phone call, so I thought it would be a professional, well-run event. I arrived a couple minutes past noon because there was traffic and the road to the designated parking structure was closed on one side due to construction (you had to approach from the west end).

When I got to the theater, the security guard said I had to get checked in back at the parking structure. Who puts guest check-in at a parking structure away from the event? So I go back to the parking structure and wander around forever, checking both entrances on two different streets, only to find there is nobody checking people in. I go back to the theater, and the security guard tells me the event has started now and they're not letting anybody in.

I called Shanae who was one of the contacts in the confirmation e-mail, and she says there's nothing she can do. I went to Supercell's website and filed a complaint there. I wasted my time and money for parking and gas to go to a poorly executed event that I couldn't get into. It's now been 3 days, and I haven't received a response. I wasn't planning to create a thread about this, but I think some public shaming is due, because Supercell's lack of response shows they don't care about customer service or their fans.

Update: Here's the unacceptable official response I received from Supercell:

"Hi there,

thanks for your feedback and it is unfortunate you didn't have a good experience at the event in LA. We will surely make sure to improve the quality of the next events based on your comments.

Cheers, Douglas"


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