The saga continues!

Part 4 of the tale of the trashy heroin makers.

Now, they never called the police. And the woman continues to call the hotel asking for names of employees. Sounds like she is trying to concoct a weak ass legal case against the realm.

She is claiming the man she was with held our security up at gunpoint a couple days ago for the security footage. Weird, that one somehow didn't make it in the comm log?

The Wiz does feel bad for the woman, she says she is afraid he is going to hurt her next. The worst part is that every time she calls you can hear her kids in the background.

Have the Child Protective Services website open. The Wiz is seriously a few clicks away from going all out on this woman. Those poor kids.

At least once she has called pretending to be the police, and she sounds like she is all doped out right now. Probably why she thought it was a good idea to call in the first place.

The only concern, is that they gave a decent description of the Security guard. But he wasn't there when the incident happened, they were gone by 8pm he comes on at 11:30pm. So perhaps they have sat outside in their car and watched him on his night walks around the lot?


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