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News roundup for the previous week.

In International news

  1. "I fully understand the 'one China policy,' but I don't know why we have to be bound by a 'one China policy' unless we make a deal with China having to do with other things, including trade," Trump said on an interview with Fox News Sunday (Taiwan pawn confirmed)

  2. Human Rights Watch Rated Among Least Transparent Think Tanks In US

  3. "I don't know why we have to be bound by a 'one China' policy unless we make a deal with China having to do with other things, including trade" China's response was measured but clear: co-operation with the US "would be out of the question" if Trump doesn't adhere to the 'one China' policy (NO DEAL)

  4. Vietnam’s fertile ‘rice bowl’ threatened by climate shifts, Chinese dams

  5. Why China is cosying up to Latin America: closer engagement with Latin American countries coincides with a US president-elect who has vowed to scrap regional trade deals, build a wall on the Mexico border and deport undocumented immigrants

  6. Was China's latest UN veto payback for Trump bluster on Taiwan, trade? The Chinese veto over Syria caught the United States and other U.N. Security Council members off guard

  7. China-Championed Asia Trade Pact Gains Traction in Jakarta Talks: The 16 nations seeking the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership accelerated their efforts during talks this week as rising protectionism threatens a system that has lifted hundreds of millions of Asians out of poverty

  8. If Donald Trump Pushes on Taiwan, How China Could Push Back: Trade and Investment, North Korea, Climate Change, Taiwan and Iran

  9. U.S. says 'one China' policy should not be used as bargaining chip: White House spokesman said the U.S. is committed to the “one China" principle. Senator John McCain said he personally backed the “China policy” and no one should “leap to conclusions” that the president-elect would abandon it

  10. Japanese reporters interview Putin, compares Japan with China: “With China we have the highest volume of bilateral trade and continue to liberalize our trade relations. Meanwhile, Japan imposed economic sanctions against us. Do you see the difference?”

  11. Fiorina, reportedly considered for national intelligence director, calls China 'most important adversary'

  12. Philippine president says he'll accept China arms offer: he'll send military officials to China to receive the firearms, which will be payable over 25 years

  13. Cambodia and China are moving beyond agreements made last April to upgrade their bilateral cooperation in security, counter-terrorism and prevention of cybercrime

  14. South Africa: Chinese Enterprises Help Improve Living Standards of South Africans. By the end of 2015, Chinese investment in South Africa reached about 13 billion U.S. dollars. The Chinese enterprises employed more than 26,000 people in South Africa, of whom 24,000 were locals

  15. Australia still committed to one-China policy despite Donald Trump’s remarks: Speaking after a speech in London this morning, Mr Pyne said Australia had a one-China policy and “we have not changed our view about that.”

  16. French foreign minister says Trump's approach to China is 'not clever': The French foreign minister has described Donald Trump’s approach to China as “not very clever”, warning the US president-elect not to threaten or lecture Beijing as “we do not talk like that to a partner”

  17. Merkel says Germany to stick to 'one China' policy: "We still stand by a 'one China' policy and we will not change our stance,"

  18. China Russia’s Main Partner, Level of Trust Between Beijing, Moscow High: "Absolutely," Putin told the Nippon TV channel and the Yomiuri newspaper, answering the question whether China is Russia’s most important partner

  19. China starts cargo service linking Guangdong, Tibet and Nepal

  20. Feng came from five strokes behind to win her fourth Omega Dubai Ladies Masters title in five years in blustery conditions at Emirates Golf Club. Not only is this a record best ever comeback in this tournament, but it also extends Shanshan’s own record of most wins here to four since 2012

  21. Iranian and Chinese Universities Seal Deal to Work on Joint Scientific Projects

  22. Chinese directors win top prizes at Marrakesh film festival

  23. China warns Taiwan over independence after Trump call: opposing Taiwan independence splittism is firm, Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman said. "We have unshakable willpower, ample confidence, and sufficient capability," he said. "Facts will show those people that 'Taiwan independence' is a dead end."

  24. Consensus within Obama administration is that Trump not fully aware of potential backlash from Beijing over questioning "one China" policy. The hope is that by time Trump takes over he will recognize that China has advanced so far that it is unwise to pick fights over such a bedrock principle

  25. Chinese Community Angry by Mugged Student's Death in Rome: At the ceremony, some Chinese female students voiced fears about going around Rome alone. Foreigners have been easy prey for criminals

  26. China, Australia Agree to Open Aviation Sectors to Each Other: China and Australia have agreed to remove all capacity restrictions for the airlines of each country, including traffic rights and code share arrangements

  27. Zhang Zhilei: '2017 will be the biggest turning point in my life'. Chinese boxer Zhang Zhilei got closer to his dream Saturday, recording his 13th career win and ninth knockout. Zhang, middleweight Meng Fanlong and lightweight Wang Zhimin are roommates in New Jersey, training and eating together

  28. Philippines' Duterte: 'bye-bye America' and we don't need your money. prepare for repeal of an agreement on deployment of troops and equipment for exercises. "We do not need the money. China said they will provide so many," he said. "The politics here in Southeast Asia is changing."

  29. Xi Jinping’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ strategy is showing the way to a new world order: China has developed over 50 overseas economic and trade cooperation zones along the belt and road. China has expanded its bilateral local-currency swap programmes to 21 countries

  30. Obama explains the risk of Trump's messing with China on Taiwan

  31. Pakistan Forms Special Maritime Force to Secure Chinese-built Port, Projects: Top Pakistani civilian and military officials along with Chinese diplomats traveled to the port Tuesday to witness the inauguration of the "Task Force-88" raised by the Pakistan Navy

  32. After Trump's win, China and Mexico move to deepen ties: Yang said in the meeting that China's comprehensive partnership with Mexico was "flourishing" day by day, adding that China wishes to deepen cooperation on trade, investment, resources, infrastructure and financial services

  33. 'Unpresidented' Trump tweet on China sets off deluge of mockery (lol)

  34. China Rising: Meet two fighters leading the MMA charge

  35. China Agrees to Return Drone to US after Inspection

  36. Trump: We should tell China that we don't want the drone they stole back.- let them keep it! (lol)

  37. “When two elephants fight against each other, the grass always suffers,” said Yu-Fang Lin of the National Policy Foundation, a Taiwan-based think-tank, in an interview with the Washington Times.

In Domestic news

  1. Shanxi produced nearly 1 billion tonnes of coal in 2015, accounting for about a quarter of China's total coal capacity. The local government has vowed to cut its annual coal capacity by a total of 110 million tonnes by 2020

  2. Shanghai is racing to become China’s cultural capital, but rising rents push artists, small galleries and young would-be collectors out of the city

  3. HK Localist lawmakers to take legal battle to Court of Final Appeal (but don't know who will pay for their HK$1.6 million in Court Deposits)

  4. Reassessing the quality of government in China

  5. Shanghai eases access for foreign talent: According to policy recently approved by Ministry of Public Security, senior overseas professionals will have easier access and spend less time when applying for permanent resident permits. New measures also include preferential policies for overseas Chinese

  6. China closes largest Muslim website after Xi Jingping petition

  7. For China’s State Media, Trump Victory Can’t Cure ‘American Disease’: “Mainstream Chinese views of the United States have shifted from admiration to doubt, especially after the financial crisis, and now increasingly to rejection of its values,” Shi Yinhong director of the Center for American Studies

  8. Chinese Police to Be Given Authority to Block Internet Access: The draft requires police authorities at the county level to get approval from the provincial or central governments before controlling the Internet to deal with emergency situations

  9. China’s president looks to universities, schools to uphold ideological conformity: Students intellectual, ideological, emotional and psychological makeup have not matured and they need guidance on where to put their efforts in life, who to love, how to appreciate things and what kind of person to be

In SciTech news

  1. Tencent, a leading Chinese Internet company, is entering the race to advance AI with a new lab

  2. Science’s rising stars: China’s researchers make big leaps in contributions to top journals

  3. Tech companies team up to produce smart vehicles

  4. China is narrowing the U.S. lead in cancer research: China now has more than 17% of the global share of cancer research publications, up from around 5% in the mid-2000s, and now matches the output of the U.S. in 2005, according to a just-published report from science publisher Elsevier

  5. A Chinese Internet Giant Enters the AI Race: Tencent’s push into AI research reflects a broader shift across China’s consumer technology industry toward more fundamental research designed to spur real innovation

  6. China one step closer to harnessing clean, limitless energy from nuclear fusion: Physicists view H-mode as an optimal working scenario for a future fusion power plant, and the one-minute breakthrough owed a great deal to the Chinese government’s heavy investment on fusion research in recent years

  7. China Successfully Launches New Generation Weather Satellite

  8. WeChat is schooling Facebook on dealing with fake news

  9. First Dinosaur Tail Found Preserved in Amber: To scientists' delight, the appendage from 99 million years ago is covered in feathers. The research, led by paleontologist Lida Xing of the China University of Geosciences, was funded in part by the National Geographic Society's Expeditions Council

  10. China Eyes Chip Market Amid Growing Demand: Over the next 10 years, its national and provincial governments plan to invest as much as an additional 720 billion renminbi ($104 billion) in its domestic semiconductor industry

  11. China's space science centre unveils new missions after a breakthrough year: space-weather observatory mission with European Space Agency, global water cycle observation mission, Magnetosphere, Ionosphere and Thermosphere mission, Einstein Probe, and the Advanced Space-based Solar Observatory

  12. Chinese scientist honored for successful leukemia treatment using arsenic

  13. How Trump’s visa crackdown could help Hong Kong and China’s tech hubs

  14. Researchers from China and the U.S. has found evidence of ancient weathering in a glacial deposit in China's Hunan province. Paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences outlines evidence of acid rain that might help development of more advanced life forms on our planet.

  15. The Top Chinese Web, Mobile App Design, and UX Trends For 2017

  16. Chinese scientists print out living blood vessels: Using bio-ink made of living stem cells from a Rhesus monkey, researchers are able to print layers of new cells to fuse with old ones

  17. Researchers have identified neutralizing antibodies against Zika virus from an infected patient that fully protected mice from infection, adding to the current arsenal of antibodies in development for much needed antiviral therapies and vaccines.

  18. Whole genome of the tiger tail seahorse (Hippocampus comes) was sequenced for the first time and the latest study was published as a cover story in Nature.

  19. China Launches 8th Operational Weather Satellite; How Advanced Is It Compared with American, European Counterparts? Fengyun 4A is as advanced as the newest weather satellites developed by the United States, Europe and Japan. It is able to detect change of 0.1 Celsius on the ground

  20. Pioneering Nanotechnology Developed To Capture Energy From People: contributors to the research included doctoral scholars Wei Li, David Torres, and Tongyu Wang, as well as Chuan Wang, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at the MSU

  21. EmDrive: Dr Chen Yue, head of the communication satellite division at China Academy of Space Technology confirmed CAST has developed an EmDrive and tests to verify that the device can fly are already being carried out. This technology is currently in the latter stages of the proof-of-principle phase

  22. 2016 in news The science events that shaped the year

  23. The Chinese government has designated May 30 of each year "Sci-Tech Workers' Day" to honor the country's 81 million science and technology (S&T) workers

  24. Behold A Robot Hand With A Soft Touch: in the past, for a robotic hand to sense what it's holding or touching, it had to conduct electricity. Now it just has to conduct light, says Huichan Zhao, doctoral candidate in mechanical engineering at Cornell

  25. Transplanted brain cells calm fear: Yong-Chun Yu at Fudan University in Shanghai, China. Mice that receive neuron transplants are better at forgetting fearful memories than those without transplants

In Economic news

  1. More and more American companies have decided their big China opportunity is over: "The trend is that opening retail business on the ground in China as a foreigner is difficult and expensive,"

  2. ‘Better Food, Better Service’: China’s Airlines Fly Past U.S. Rivals on Pacific Routes: “Chinese airlines are going to be as dominant, if not more dominant, than the big three U.S. carriers within the next decade,” said John Grant, a UK-based aviation industry consultant

  3. Wanda Boss Warns On U.S. Anti-China Protectionism – 20,000 Americans are employed by Wanda

  4. 'I have absolutely no idea what this is': Inside the real Santa’s workshop in China where workers produce most of the world's festive decorations

  5. Australian mining magnate Gina Rinehart and a Chinese consortium won final approval to buy one of the world's biggest cattle estates, ending a lengthy and fraught sale process

  6. Made in China 2025 – Papers on China – Publications

  7. Chinese Airlines Are Flooding the World With Super-Cheap Airfares: From Delta Air Lines Inc. and American Airlines Group Inc. in the U.S., to Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. and Korean Air, many operators are feeling the squeeze from the extended reach of mainland Chinese carriers

  8. Here's why we should worry that China is no longer the top holder of US bonds ("We need [China] to finance our debts and deficits" in the United States)

  9. China's Housing Market Isn't a Bubble, Says This Strategist

  10. Developers, funds target China demand for co-working space amid start-up boom: China is facilitating the development of new industries and services to transform the economy. Beijing and Guiyang provide rental subsidies to startups, while Suzhou in eastern China plans to have 300 incubators by 2020

  11. In Shadow of Amazon, European Challenger Looks to China for Inspiration

In Military news

  1. Chinese military aircraft circled near Taiwan on Saturday for the second time in less than a month: six of its military aircraft — two H-6K bombers, one TU-154 surveillance aircraft, one Y-8 surveillance plane and two Su-30 fighters

  2. China upgrades force projection doctrine: New military bases under construction in the South China Sea provide Beijing with “significant capacity to quickly project substantial offensive military power in the region,” according to an intelligence assessment

  3. China’s spies gain valuable US defense technology:“In recent years, Chinese agents have extracted data on some of the most advanced weapons and weapons systems in the US arsenal, such as jet fighters and unmanned submersible vehicles” annual report of US-China Economic and Security Review Commission

  4. China powers up military jet engine tech to wean itself off Russian imports

  5. Oddly Winged Xianglong Aerial Drone to Guide Chinese Missiles to US Navy Warships: Xianglong (Soar Dragon) High-Altitude, Long-Endurance (HALE) aerial drones are about to enter service

  6. China Prepares for Anti-Satellite Missile Test: DN-3 preparing for launch. PLA acquiring range of technologies to improve counterspace capabilities Pentagon’s latest report said. In addition to missiles and lasers, China also working on maneuvering satellites that can grab and destroy satellites

  7. Chinese Air Patrol Exercise Goes ALL the Way Around Taiwan For the 1st Time, Expose Lack of Defense on Taiwan's East Coast

  8. Decoding China's home-developed drone Wing Loong: Wing Loong II UAS is 11 meters long, 4.1 meters high, with a wing span of 20.5 meters. Its maximum flight altitude reaches 9,000 meters and maximum flight speed is 370 km per hour, with a loiter time of 20 hours and maximum payload of 480kg

  9. Chinese scientists show how to extend range of quantum radar

  10. Japan (and US) Tried to "steal"/Spy on PLA jets' radar frequency amid harassment (BTW, Taiwan Confirmed that Japan SDF did Fire Jamming Shells)

  11. China appears to have installed weapons, including anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems, on all seven of the artificial islands it has built in the SCS. "They could deploy jets and missiles tomorrow if they wanted to…infrastructure in place for interlocking rings of defence and power projection"

  12. Zim, China to boost military ties | The Herald

  13. Chinese navy seizes American underwater drone in South China Sea

  14. China's 28th & 29th Type 056 Corvettes (Jiangdao class) Commissioned in PLAN East Sea Fleet

  15. Chinese Navy Holds Live Ammunition Drill for Aircraft Carrier Formation

  16. Russia will provide to China the first batch of four Sukhoi-35 jets by December 25, 2016, a source within the system of military-technical cooperation with other countries told TASS

Other Notables

  1. Online Fiction Becomes Chinese Cultural Force

  2. Chinese Science Fiction Is the Future of Science Fiction

  3. Google's Amazing Timelapse Reveals How Insanely Fast China Has Grown

  4. Whitewashing controversy surrounding Zhang Yimou’s new film 'The Great Wall' goes unnoticed in China

  5. What Happens When China Becomes Number One? Harvard Institute of Politics

  6. Production video: 《九州海上牧雲記/Tribes and Empires-Storm of Prohecy》禮儀特輯 複現東方氣韻 【黄軒、周一圍、竇驍、王千源、蔣勤勤、徐璐、文咏珊、萬茜】

  7. WWE's China hopes rest on Bin Wang's big shoulders: WWE, the $1.5 billion company known for big personalities and outrageous story lines, wants its Chinese wrestlers to be the next television sensation in China, a market where other U.S. media companies have faltered

  8. Trump: National Sovereignty, SCS, Stopping US Hegemony in Asia Non-Negotiable

  9. DJI – Shanghai Flagship Store

  10. the Truth behind the "Anti-Chinese" riots in Indonesia and anti-Chinese discrimination

  11. Question: Most Intelligent Provinces?

  12. Pictures: Huangshan Mountain in Anhui, China

  13. American teacher and Chinese farmer cross class, language and cultural divide to find love

  14. ‘Rogue One’ Early Buzz: The ‘Star Wars’ Spin-Off Exceeds Expectations "Star Wars fans will be very happy with #RogueOne. It's fun, action packed, doesn't feel neutered by reshoots. Donnie Yen and K2so standouts." – Peter Sciretta

  15. Photographer Captures the Life of a Tajik Woman Married to a Chinese Migrant Worker

  16. Meet Chris and Claudia, the Chinese American couple who opted for a traditional Tang dynasty-style wedding

  17. China Holds Third Memorial Day to Commemorate Victims of Nanjing Massacre

  18. Pictures: Malinghe River Canyon Scenic Area in China's Guizhou

  19. Corporal Joseph Pierce, A Chinese American Union Soldier That Fought at Gettysburg and Antietam, 1865 [458×701]

  20. 'People hope my book will be China's Star Wars': Liu Cixin on China's exploding sci-fi scene

  21. Arthur Chin, Chinese Peruvian American, 1st US Fighter Ace in WWII

  22. Chinese Online Novels Find Foreign Fans

  23. Reconnecting Asia: 12 Maps Covering 12,000 Years of History

  24. Gangster Chinese Businessman Spends $144,000 a Year to Care for His 150 Wolves

  25. Should Chinese Opera Westernize to Find Global Audience? Popularizing the country’s musical tradition means combining mainstream appeal with traditional works

  26. Why Jiang Rong's "Wolf totem" is literally complete fiction and historical revisionism at its worst

  27. 大清藥丸 康熙說唱王朝 怒斥群臣 Kangxi Dynasty Rap

  28. Great Wall debuts in China

  29. Pictures: Jianmen Pass in Guangyuan, Sichuan, China

  30. China's Capitalist Revolution | History Channel Documentary

  31. Chinese Tribe Without Marriage Points to Future

  32. The Women's Kingdom – PBS FRONTLINE Broadcast

  33. The Place In China Where The Women Lead

  34. BBC World Service – The Chinese women who rule the roost

  35. Destined for War: Can China and the United States Escape Thucydides’s Trap?

  36. How the US should engage China and Russia

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