Chuck Hagel, the DoD Trojan Horse

As Clare Lopez, from the Center for Security Policy, has pointed out, our counterintelligence defense system is broken. The Muslim Brotherhood’s core threat doctrine — the ideology of Islamic jihad and Shariah law — is seen as benign. Mr. Brennan’s activities as the president’s top counterterrorism adviser have been at the forefront in the Muslim Brotherhood effort in the United States. The Brotherhood has succeeded in convincing the U.S. government to remove from official documents and training curricula all references to Islamic doctrine, Shariah law and scriptures that relate them to terrorism. Further, scheduled lectures on the true threat from Islam have been canceled, and instructors have been barred from future presentations.

Mr. Brennan’s track record of empowering the Muslim Brotherhood both domestically and abroad allowed the jihadist enemy access to the highest level of government under the stealth guise of “nonviolent outreach partners.” For example, terrorists like Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations who has been linked to Hamas; and leaders from the Islamic Society of North America, unindicted co-conspirators from the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2008, work with national security staff providing input to U.S. counterterrorism strategies. That is hardly comforting.

It cannot be denied that U.S. policy on Islam, Shariah law and the Muslim Brotherhood in particular has undergone a sea change during the time Mr. Brennan has had influence on our national security. Certainly, Mr. Brennan cannot be confirmed until a full vetting has taken place.

With regard to Mr. Hagel’s confirmation as secretary of defense, clearly full disclosure about his past and current financial arrangements must be provided. His position on our defense budget and his appearance on Al-Jazeera where he characterized the United States as a bully in world affairs is more than troubling. As an aside, Al-Jazeera is owned by the government of Qatar, which has now been revealed as a major contributor to the Atlantic Council when Mr. Hagel was the chairman, according to Cliff Kincaid, the director of the Center for Investigative Journalism.

Did Obama Steal the Election With Hagel’s Help?


Chuck Hagel has been tapped by Obama for Secretary of Defense, which has resulted in a slew of push backs over his troubling record: criticism and lack of support for Israel; coddling of Hezbollah, Hamas, and Iran; and his almost immediate appointment after retiring as a senator to Deutsche Bank’s Americas Advisory Board, the mega bank that has been accused of funneling billions of dollars to Iran’s nuclear program.

But the most troubling aspect of Chuck Hagel is the fact that he may have stolen both of his senatorial elections. In 1992, Hagel was CEO of Election Systems & Software, maker of computerized voting machines. On March 15, 1995, Hagel resigned as CEO but kept millions in stock options and declared that he was going to run for the U.S. Senate in Nebraska. Although he was a virtually unknown candidate; although he ran against a former governor, Ben Nelson, who was hugely popular; and although all the polls prior to the election indicated Ben Nelson would win the election, oddly Hagel won by a landslide with 83% of the vote. It later turned out that Hagel’s voting machines had been used in virtually all of the precincts. When Hagel ran for reelection in 2006, his previous landslide of 83% was eclipsed by an even wider margin.

It turns out that Hagel’s former company, Election Systems & Software/Diebold now counts the votes in most elections. And it turns out Hagel’s voting machines have been embroiled in investigations of hacking and vote-switching that continue to this day. Did Barack Obama win the presidential elections the same way Hagel won his senatorial seat? And is this Secretary of Defense position payback for the favor? Americans should demand to see each and every vote cast for both Chuck Hagel and Barack Obama. Now. Today.

31 Jan 2013 62 POST A COMMENT MARK LEVIN, RADIO HOST: What the hell's happening? Now we've backed the Muslim Brotherhood? And then of course, our dear friend Michele Bachmann and Louie Gohmert and three other brave members of the House of Representatives asked questions about the Muslim Brotherhood's infiltration of our own government and they're treated like pariahs. Well, the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government, it's called Barack Obama. No, he's not a formal member, he's a sympathizer. There, I said it. Prove otherwise. Meanwhile, you want to look into Obama's soul? You want to look into his soul? Well, look at his soul. You want to know what I see, Mr. Producer? I see Chuck Hagel. What kind of commander-in-chief would nominate somebody like Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense? I'll tell you what kind of commander-in-chief, the kind of commander-in-chief that arms the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamonazi regime in Cairo while he's hallowing out the greatest military force on the face of the earth under his direct command, the United States military — that's what kind of commander-in-chief.

Chuck Hagel, whose a sympathizer with the most radical elements in the Middle East, and an Israel hater. So why would a president nominate somebody like Chuck Hagel? Because the president is Chuck Hagel. He's a sympathizer with the most radical elements in the Middle East and he's an Israel hater. That's why he nominated Hagel. So, Chuck Hagel making a fool of himself today, at his confirmation hearing. And he'll still be confirmed, I bet, because the Democrats are lockstep. Even the Jewish Democrat members of the U.S. Senate, they're lockstep. The Anti-Defamation League, they're lips are sealed. AIPAC, Hagel once called them the 'Jewish lobby.' They're lips are sealed, they're all a bunch of cowards. It's the righteous gentiles who are speaking up. You want to hear the truth? You'll hear the truth on this microphone. It's the righteous gentiles who are speaking up. It's the conservatives who are speaking up. And Chuck Hagel is not just a problem for Israel, he is a huge problem for the United States military. This man believes in unilateral disarmament. Whether it's convention weaponry, or nuclear weaponry. And he's on the record and there's not a damn thing he can say to reverse course. But then again, so is Obama.


by SARAH STERN 27 Jan 2013

Senator Chuck Hagel’s nomination has already sent an extremely dangerous signal to the Islamic Republic of Iran that President Obama really doesn’t mean what he says when he declares that “all options are on the table”, when dealing with a nuclear Iran. A nuclear Iran would not be dangerous to Israel alone. It is dangerous to the United States, and incredibly destabilizing to the region, and perhaps to the entire world. We know that one of the very first things that Iran did after its revolution in 1979 was to seize the American embassy and take our embassy officials hostage. We know that it was Iranian-backed Hezbollah that bombed the American embassy in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983, killing 244 US servicemen. We know that it was Iranian-made IED’s with Farsi lettering on them that were used to maim and kill our U.S. servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We also know that Israel is simply referred to in their rhetoric as “The Minor Satan.” It is America that gets that glorious epithet, “The Great Satan.”   Within a few years, the Iranians will probably have a missile capable of delivering nuclear material to the United States. At this point their missiles can reach Israel as well as many parts of Europe. And the many Hezbollah cells just beyond our border in Central America may be able to activate something quite horrific to the United States, with a transportable “dirty bomb” carried in a briefcase across the border with Mexico. However, we have no doubt that Israel will be first in the Iranian crosshairs. We know that for years Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been preparing his people to do something dreadful to Israel by dehumanizing the Israeli and the Jew. When leaders start making allusions to biological growths and organisms, it is a way of sowing the societal landscape so that their people do not feel the common bond of humanity with Jews. It is a way to minimize any objection they might have to the annihilation of Israel.  In one of his recent televised speeches marking Al Quds Day, (Jerusalem Day), Ahmadinejad called Israel “a cancerous tumor that will soon be destroyed.” He continued: “Even if one cell of them is left in one inch of Palestinian land, in the future the story of Israel’s existence will repeat itself.” So vile is the existence of Israel in the eyes of Ahmadinejad (and unfortunately in much of the Arab world, as well) that he views the eradication of Israel and the Jews as a great moral service to humanity. He went on to proclaim, “Confronting Israel is an effort to protect the dignity of all human beings.” We have been down this road before. The real cancer that is very much in existence throughout much of the Arab and Muslim world is this cancer of hatred that has metastasized throughout the body politic of much of the Middle East and Iran. By this twisted logic, Ahmadinejad actually feels that he is doing something virtuous by eviscerating the Jewish state. We are in a very sensitive period of history. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, which is an arm of the United Nations–so in no way could be construed as part of the “Zionist conspiracy”–last November, Iran was about one year away from possessing enough fissile material for at least three to four Hiroshima-type weapons. And that is a very conservative estimate.  According to Reza Khalili, a former member of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard Corps, who became a double agent and worked for the CIA in the 1980’s and ‘90’s, Iran already has enough weapons grade, highly enriched uranium, plus the delivery mechanism to carry nuclear warheads. Speaking at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy last July, Khalili said, “This is a messianic regime. There should be no doubt they’re going to commit the most horrendous suicide bombing in history. They will attack Israel, European capitals and the Persian Gulf region at the same time, then they will hide in a bunker (until a religious prophecy is fulfilled), and kill all the nonbelievers.” How does this apply to Chuck Hagel?  It apples because we know that whoever will be Secretary of Defense during the next four years will undoubtedly need to deal with this issue. It is a necessary prerequisite of the job that whoever that candidate is, he or she needs to understand the urgency of the threat. Let’s take a look at Senator Hagel’s record: According to an editorial in the Washington Post–not a conservative publication, by any stretch of the imagination–Chuck Hagel repeatedly voted against Iranian sanctions, including sanctions against the terrorist Islamic revolutionary Guards Corps, (IRGC). Not only has Senator Hagel had a pattern of opposing sanctions when the vast majority of his colleagues were calling for them, but in a discussion held by the Council on Foreign Relations in 2005, he proposed that Iran should be made part of the regional talks on the future of Iraq. Think about that: Chuck Hagel wants the United States, which has invested so many American lives and a vast amount of our treasure in Iraq, to allow the Islamic Republic of Iran– a nation whic, in its inception, declared war on the United States by seizing our embassy, and has since supplied IEDs that have killed American soldiers in Iraq–to be a party in the shaping of the Iraqi government. Now, many people have proclaimed that Senator Hagel is a friend of Israel. However, the best test of friendship is: what does a friend do when his friend is down? In July of 2006, Iranian-backed Hezbollah crossed the border of southern Lebanon into Israel, kidnapping two Israeli soldiers, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev. They then rained down more than 4,000 rockets on Northern Israel, specifically targeting Israeli citizens and population centers. There was one Senator, and only one Senator, who stood up on the floor of the United States Senate and upbraided Israel for doing what, according to Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, any nation is entitled to do when its civilian population is attacked, remonstrating against “the systematic destruction of an American friend–the country and people of Lebanon.” You guessed his name – Chuck Hagel. Of course, in Chuck Hagel’s worldview, no regime, no terrorist organization, is beyond the pale, no matter how egregious its actions are.  In 2008, Mr. Hagel said we had to negotiate with the regime of Bashir al Assad of Syria, and in 2009, he sent a letter to the president saying that Israel must begin open negotiations with Hamas. There is also a pattern that has emerged in Chuck Hagel’s record that I find chillingly reminiscent of a very ugly sentiment. Comments that contain within them statements about either the wealth or the power of Jews reek of classic antisemitic canards. In a discussion with a JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs) staff member, Marsha Halteman, when Senator Hagel was head of the USO, they discussed the cost of building up the port in Haifa, the one stable place within the tumultuous Middle East for American ships to dock.  Mr. Hagel’s goose-bump inducing quipL: “Let the Jews pay for it.” Senator Hagel puts American Jews in a very untenable position. I would like to believe that I, according to the Constitution, have the same right to petition my elected officials as an Irish-American or an Italian-American, or any other American. There are good reasons for American Jews to be involved in the democratic process. On February 2, 2012, the head of the IDF military intelligence, Aviv Kochavi said, “There are 200,000 missiles pointing at Israel in every direction.” One would hope that if there were a besieged democratic ally anywhere in the world, say in Ireland, with that many missiles pointing at it from all directions, I would still want to educate members of Congress about that situation. To question my right as an American citizen to do this is bringing back ugly sentiments that have been carefully locked in the closet since the days before the Holocaust. Last summer, my family and I returned to Eastern Europe. I found out that the person whom I was named after, whom I always thought perished in Auschwitz, never made it that far.  She was one of those who had been forced to strip naked and dig her own grave, later to be mowed down by the Nazis. There are people in this world who would not hesitate to do the very same thing to my people today, as a nation, given the opportunity. These people also want to destroy the United States.  Our history has taught us that when our enemies speak, we had better heed what they say. Because our enemies mean business. That is why nominating a person with a track record such as Mr. Hagel’s, so dismissive of the very real dangers in the world, sends such a very dangerous signal to those people. Sarah N. Stern is Founder and President of EMET, the Endowment for Middle East Truth, an unabashedly pro-American and pro-Israel think tank in our nation’s capital. Her last book was Saudi Arabia, America and the West’s Fatal Embrace (Palgrave MacMillan, 2011).

MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD INFILTRATION? 'IT'S OBAMA HIMSELF' Mark Levin asks what kind of commander-in-chief would nominate Hagel Published: 02/01/2013 at 8:48 PM

If lawmakers are serious about investigating whether or not Washington has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, they need look no further than Barack Obama himself, charged talk-show host Mark Levin.

Levin noted the scorn congressional colleagues directed at Reps. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, and three other House members who asked for an examination of evidence that the parent organization of jihadist groups such as al-Qaida and Hama were wielding influence on U.S. policy from within.

The lawmakers were “treated like pariahs,” Levin recalled.

The talk host contended Obama’s nomination of former Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel as defense secretary is evidence that Obama himself embodies the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“You want to look into Obama’s soul?” Levin asked, then look at Hagel.

“What kind of commander-in-chief would nominate somebody like Chuck Hagel to be secretary of defense?” he asked.

“I’ll tell you what kind of commander-in-chief, the kind of commander-in-chief that arms the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamonazi regime in Cairo while he’s hollowing out the greatest military force on the face of the earth under his direct command, the United States military.”

Fight back against CAIR’s attack on First Amendment by making a contribution to WND’s “Legal Defense Fund.” Donations of $25 or more entitle you to free copy of “Muslim Mafia” – the book so devastating to CAIR the group is trying to ban it.

Levin called Hagel a “sympathizer with the most radical elements in the Middle East, and an Israel hater.”

“So why would a president nominate somebody like Chuck Hagel?” he asked. ‘Because the president is Chuck Hagel.

Even though Hagel made “a fool of himself” yesterday at his Senate confirmation hearing, Levin expects him to be confirmed, “because the Democrats are lockstep.”

“Even the Jewish Democrat members of the U.S. Senate, they’re lockstep,” he said. “The Anti-Defamation League, their lips are sealed. AIPAC – Hagel once called them the ‘Jewish lobby.’ Their lips are sealed; they’re all a bunch of cowards.”

Levin said it’s “the righteous gentiles who are speaking up.”

He emphasized that Hagel “is not just a problem for Israel, he is a huge problem for the United States military.”

“This man believes in unilateral disarmament, whether it’s conventional weaponry or nuclear weaponry,” Levin argued. “And he’s on the record, and there’s not a d— thing he can say to reverse course. But then again, so is Obama.”

Representing the U.S.

Meanwhile, the D.C. watchdog Judicial Watch has uncovered evidence the State Department is covertly recruiting Muslims to work as U.S. Foreign Service officers.

One recruitment effort by the State Department took place at a recent convention sponsored by the Muslim American Society and the Islamic Circle of North America. Both groups are associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. MAS was founded as the Brotherhood’s U.S. chapter.

Gohmert has been pressing for an investigation of the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence on the federal government, contending a probe is necessary because of the Obama administration’s “horrendous decisions” in backing the so-called “Arab Spring” revolutions in the Middle East.

The East Texas lawmaker was one of five Republican Congress members who stirred bipartisan controversy in June by raising concern about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the nation’s capital.

The Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood was formed in the 1920s after the demise of the Ottoman Turkish empire with the intent of helping establish Islamic rule worldwide.It’s stated goal for the U.S. is “a kind of grand jihad” aimed at “eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within” so that “Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

In 2009, the WND Books bestseller “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret World That’s Conspiring to Islamize America” featured a Council on American-Islamic Relations internal memo written in 2007 that called for infiltrating the “judiciary, intelligence and homeland security committees” by, among other things, “placing Muslim interns” in Capitol Hill offices.

The book also uncovered new evidence that CAIR, which was founded by Muslim Brotherhood members to portray Islam in a positive light in the U.S., directly funded Hamas and al-Qaida terrorist fronts.

State Dept. Recruits Muslim Foreign Service Officers at Jihadist Conf. January 30, 2013

The Obama administration is covertly recruiting Muslims to work at the State Department as Foreign Service officers representing the United States in one of 265 American embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions worldwide.

It appears to be part of the administration’s Muslim outreach effort, which includes a variety of controversial moves. Among them Homeland Security meetings with extremist Islamic organizations, sending an America-bashing mosque leader (Feisal Abdul Rauf) who blames U.S. foreign policy for the 9/11 attacks on a Middle Eastern outreach mission and revamping the way federal agents are trained to combat terrorism by eliminating all materials that shed a negative light on Muslims.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton even signed a special order to allow the reentry of two radical Islamic academics whose terrorist ties long banned them from the U.S.

Now comes news of a secretive State Department campaign, discovered in the course of a Judicial Watch investigation, to add Muslims to its roster. Presumably, the new recruits will be deployed around the globe to help the agency fulfill its mission of promoting the country’s international relations. The campaign seems to be headed by Mark Ward, the Deputy Special Coordinator in the State Department’s Office of Middle East Transition.

Ward held a 90-minute seminar at a recent convention sponsored by two groups—Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA)—with known ties to radical Islam. Both nonprofits are associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, which is known as the parent organization of Hamas and al Qaeda. In fact, the Investigative Project on Terrorism reports that MAS was founded as the U.S. chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood which strives to indoctrinate the world with Islamic Sharia law.      

Yet there was a U.S. State Department official, side by side at a radical Islamic powwow in Chicago with a number of speakers who advocate violent jihad. Among them was Kifah Mustapha, a fundraiser at terrorist organization (Holy Land Foundation) convicted of funneling millions to Hamas and Jamal Badawi, a MAS founder who praised the jihad of Gaza terrorists during a speech titled “Understanding Jihad and Martyrdom.”

The conference that Ward conducted focused on career opportunities for Muslim youth. Here is how the event was billed: “Besides being a citizenship duty, there are benefits that Muslims can add to the American Muslim community and the global Muslim world by joining the US Foreign Services. This session will shed light on the different career opportunities for Muslim youth in the US Foreign Services Department. It will also clear any concerns that many people have feared about   pursuing in this career.”

Joining Ward at the podium in the recruitment seminar were Ayman Hammous and Oussama Jammal.  Hammous is the Executive Director of the New York chapter of MAS and Jammal is the president of the Mosque Foundation, a conservative mosque in Bridgeview, Illinois that gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Holy Land Foundation and other Islamic charities accused of financing terrorism.

Read more about Muslim outreach, State Department


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