Timeline So Far?

(First Post! Constructive criticism is appreciated!)

EDIT: I didn't include anything pertaining to Sister Location due to the fact I am still scratching my head on when it occurs within the timeline.

Introduction (Late 70s-ish) This is the starting point of the timeline. Around this time, a family friendly diner is planned. With those plans, they use spring-locked mascot suits to entertain families and have a fun time. Thus, Fredbear's Family Diner is born. During the time of this diner, the management hires a man to give a tutorial on suit handling. Everything goes fine, until Fredbear's Family Diner goes possibly bankrupt and then a light shines on them… Fazbear Entertainment comes to save the day.

Fazbear Entertainment (1980s – 1984, The Purple Era) During Fredbear's bankruptcy, the name is rebranded to Freddy Fazbear after Fazbear Entertainment purchases the diner. Along with this purchase, a new restaurant comes. It is much bigger than the first diner, and this time the springlock suits have been changed to animatronics, probably due to possible accidents. There are also four new mascots: Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie The Bunny, Chica the Chicken, and Foxy the Pirate Fox. Golden Freddy has also been moved, but is never seen by any staff member.

During this time, a mysterious employee dressed in purple appears near the entrance of the building. Fazbear Entertainment had let the animatronics walk around during the day, with them able to hold real life items (like cake for example) However, they were slow walkers and angered many children. The mysterious man in purple oddly murders an unsupervised, crying child outside of the building.

One day during it's lifetime, on a night of June 26th, the purple man lures two children inside to murder them, making them presumed missing. The following morning security camera archives identify the man, but the bodies are never found. This may be the setting for the Go! Go! Go! Foxy minigame.

After that murder, comes a much bigger murder. Five children are lured into the back room again, dressed up inside the Spring Bonnie suit from Fredbear's. Just like last time, they are murdered. The next few days, Fazbear Entertainment finds the wrong person and charges them, keeping the purple Man still safe. All of the dead bodies were stuffed into the robotic animatronic suits, with their soul controlling the animatronics' behavior.

With all of these murders, families have lost trust in going to Fazbear Entertainment, with fear of having their children missing. After 1984, Fazbear Entertainment searches for a new buyer due to the tragedies. After a year long search, nothing has been found. As their last chance, they try to make a new, much, much, much more family friendly diner. Before F.E. builds the new establishment, they make a marionette-like puppet, and out of nowhere the crying child inhabits that suit.

Give Gifts, Give Life (1985 – 1986) After Fazbear Entertainment creates plans for a newer diner, they put the Spring Bonnie suit used by the purple guy inside a safe room, and lock it up completely.

Around 1986, inside the uninhabited Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, the crying child uses the marionette suit to gather around the five dead children. He "gives gifts" to the five, and opening them up gives them their favorite animatronic. And once F.E. finishes their masterpiece, the purple monstorsity plans a much bigger murder… soon to be the icon of the diner.

The Fazbear of '87 (1987 – 1988) In the summer of 1987, Fazbear Entertainment is officially rebranded as Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, as FFP was just a nickname for Fazbear Entertainment back in the early 1980s. With a huge budget, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza's size is doubled from Fazbear Entertainment's size. Along with that budget, criminal databases are added to the animatronics. Toy animatronics are the new trend of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, with new animatronics as well.

Although criminal databases are added to the animatronics, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is still afraid that the people they caught for the previous murders were innocent, so they hire their first night guard, and a day guard.

While all of the fun is happening over at the show stage, the old animatronics in the Parts & Service are planning their revenge. Since the murders of them happened during the night, the animatronics think any night guard is the purple man, leading into false hope. The old animatronics convince the newer animatronics about the guard, so every animatronic except for Balloon Boy is coming after the night guard.

After the guard's fifth night, madness happens. On November 13, 1987, the Purple Man takes a strike back with the biggest Freddy Fazbear event in history: The Bite of '87. The guard has been moved to the day shift, and his main priority was to guard the kids from ???????? as it was dangerous to be close to. Since the Purple Man knew this, he hacks into ????????'s database to try to murder a child, but ended up killing an adult since the guard wanted the kids to be safe. Immediately after the incident, the place closes down and for the rest of the day it is put up for investigation. The guard still returns for the night shift, as he still needed the money. He is paid after the night, and then he leaves.

The next night, a newer night guard comes to do the shift, but he tampers with the animatronics' AI.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza stays dead for the next few years… but they find out they had JUST ONE LAST chance. The Return and fate of Fazbear Entertainment (1992 – 1995) When Freddy Fazbear's Pizza closed, they had no choice but to use the Fazbear Entertainment building that had rotted down. Due to the low budget and near bankruptcy of the company, they hired another night guard to watch over the building. Ever since the animatronics were possessed, they try to attack the night guard, just like in 1987.

When the guard is fired, the building goes on for a few years, until Freddy Fazbear's Pizza closes without notice. The Purple man returns sometime after the closure, luring the animatronics to break them apart. However, that led to the spirits escaping and scaring him. It caused the Purple Man to jump into the spring Bonnie suit, but due to improper handling, he died inside. To this day, his spirit is still trapped inside.

Fazbear's Fright (2006 or 2015) Thirty years since Spring Bonnie was locked up in the safe room, a group of people have been researching Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and decide to make a horror attraction based off of it. They hire a night guard, simultaneously as an actor for a security guard, to make sure nothing is in danger.

Until, during Night 2 of the guard's shift, Fazbear's Fright finds something in the blocked safe room- Springtrap. They think it's just a living prop, but they were wrong. The night guard lures Springtrap to a room with BB's audio, hence him being a child killer. After Night 2, the guard finds out that there are broken animatronics somewhere in the building, and he is very paranoid of things burning up, so a mix of that makes his hallucinations.

When the night guard finishes his sixth night, the place burns down…

However, even though items were auctioned…

Springtrap made it out of the fire….


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