[EVENT] Paramilitary Forces of Pakistan

Ever since the first military forces were organized by the British in what is now west Pakistan, a sizable paramilitary force has always safeguarded the region. Today, the National Assembly has organized a full commission on the current status of paramilitary forces; what can be improved and what can be expanded. Firstly, the provincial auxiliary forces, which are:

  • The Frontier Corps

Provincial forces of the North-West Frontier Province, the Federally Administer Tribal Areas, and Balochistan. The Frontier Corps comprises of: the Khyber Rifles, the Zhob Militia, the Kurram Militia, the Tochi Scouts, the Chagai Militia, the South Waziristan Scouts and the Chitral Scouts. The findings of the commission are that the Frontier Corps are essential in maintaining order in the borderlands and in countering secessionist enemy forces. The corps will be expanded and split into two major subdivisions. The new units include the Thal Scouts, the Northern Scouts, the Bajaur Scouts, the Karakoram Scouts, the Kalat Scouts, the Dir Scouts and the Kohistan Scouts. The Frontier Corps will be split into two subdivisions, one based in the North-West Frontier Province, and another based in Balochistan.

  • Pakistan Rangers

There exists several forces which protect West Pakistan's eastern boundaries, the Punjab Border Police Force, Bahawalpur State Police, Khairpur State Police and the Sindh Rifles. The findings of the commission state that these forces are neither correctly structured nor outfitted for a specific duty. Therefore they will be restructured and renamed as the West Pakistan Rangers. The West Pakistan Rangers prime objectives are to guard, defend and secure borders in peace time as well as war time, provide and maintain security in war zones and areas of conflict, and maintain law and order which includes providing assistance to the police.

  • Indus Rangers

The Sindh Police Rangers provides law and order to many rural regions of the Sindh. Due to the increased strain put on police forces across Pakistan, the Sindh Police Rangers will be expanded into a federal force, the Indus Rangers, which will provide similar services to the Punjab and Bahawalpur regions.

  • Pakistan Coast Guards

A new law enforcement organisation will be raised to safeguard the frontier of Pakistan along the coast line of Sindh and Balochistan. The Pakistan Coast Guards will operate under the Interior Ministry, and will be based in Karachi as a force of 3,000.


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