Timeline VIII

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Sunday, February 28, 1999

Monday, March 1, 1999

  • Baltimore Sun reports Adnan arrested

  • Asia:

    • 7:45AM: Asia's First Period Class Begins
    • (8AM Approx: Krista, Laura and Becky are in the principal's office, saying they need to talk to the police because they have arrested the wrong guy.)
    • 9:10AM: Asia's First Period Class Ends
    • 9:20AM: Asia's Second Period Class, taught by Mr. Parker:
    • According to her letters, Asia tells Mr. Parker that she has already been to Adnan's house with Justin.
    • 10:40AM: Mr. Parker's Second Period Class ends. Asia out of school for the day.
    • Exact time unknown: Asia calls Woodlawn Public Library to ask if they have cameras (according to Asia's second letter)
    • Exact time unknown: According to Asia's second letter, WHS issues a newsletter re: the arrest, but they do not use Adnan’s name. No proof this newsletter existed.
  • Bail Hearing:

  • Exact time unknown: Family, friends, mosque members, Justin A. and Asia gather at Adnan's home.

  • BELL ATLANTIC SUBPOENA 4 seeking four phone numbers called from Adnan's cell phone.

    • Genesis of Bell Atlantic Subpoena 4: It looks like police created this list, and didn't realize they already knew the owners of Stephanie's private line, Peter's home, or Yaser's home. They have had Yaser's home number since it was given to them by the anonymous caller on February 12, and this is the second time they have subpoenaed Bell Atlantic, trying to determine who owns Yaser's home number. They still don't know?
    • These four phone numbers were already subpoenaed on February 18, and subscriber information has already been supplied to detectives. It's unclear why they subpoenaed these four numbers again. It seems they don't know who owns [Yaser's] cell phone number or [Jen's] pager number.
    • Police have transposed the actual number dialed (6400) to (4600).
    • So, it looks liked detectives have forgotten or misplaced the information regarding these four numbers.
    • It would also seem that, by March 1, police know that Nisha's number belongs to someone called "M. Nisha." But we don't know how they know this.
  • Additional detective activities:

  • WMAR-ABC Reports on Adnan's Arrest

  • Hae's mother and brother are interviewed in their home "the day after Adnan's arrest

  • Stephanie goes to Jay's house. Jay doesn't want to talk about why police picked him up. Jay tells Stephanie that Adnan killed Hae.

    • 7PM: Girls Basketball Tournament: Woodlawn vs. Kenwood.
    • Stephanie says everyone knows about Adnan's arrest
    • Stephanie's mom shows up because TV broadcasters were trying to reach Stephanie at home.
    • Stephanie calls Jay to see if he needs a ride home.
  • “Late” Asia writes first letter to Adnan:

    • She writes that she just came from Adnan's home, she is at her own home now, and it is late.
  • Adnan moved three time today:

    • From Section A, Cell 123, on Floor B to> Section L, Cell 120, on Floor B to> Section A, Cell 001, on Floor B of the Baltimore City Detention Center.
    • Adnan spends 2nd night in jail. He is in Section A, Cell 001, on Floor B of the Baltimore City Detention Center.

Tuesday, March 2, 1999

Wednesday, March 3, 1999

  • 9-10:30AM: Adnan meets with Defense Private Investigator Andrew Davis and Attorney Chris Flohr for almost 2 hours.

    • Adnan directs Davis to look into the library and Coach Sye: Adnan's alibis.
  • 11:30AM Approx: Davis checks out the Woodlawn Public Library, interviewing the security guard and asking about video tape.

    • Davis notes that he interviewed the Library Security Guard / "Wackenhut Off. Mills". (This person testified in the February 2016 PCR hearing.)
  • Davis interviews Coach Sye; asks Sye if he remembers a conversation with Adnan on the 13th.

    • Davis tells Sye that Adnan remembers the conversation was on the 13th, and remembers the conversation was about Ramadan.
    • Sye remembers the conversation, but does not remember if it was the 13th.
    • This is the infamous "popped out at me" interview.
    • Note that just two days from arrest, Adnan is directing Davis to ask Sye about a conversation that supposedly happened six weeks before.
    • Later, just hours after conviction, Adnan would tell Rabia that he didn't remember details about the day because "six weeks had passed and the 13th was just another day to him."
  • Drew Davis tours Leakin Park

  • Detectives:

    • Meet with ASA Vickie Walsh and determine to obtain a warrant for Adnan's Honda
    • Delivered a subpoena to Bell Atlantic for subscriber information. Progress Report doesn't say which one.
    • Called Jen to schedule an interview at Woodlawn Police Department
    • Began typing up the search and seizure warrant for Adnan's Honda.
  • Rural Metro HR Manager speaks to HR Assistant who approved hiring Adnan. Assistant says that she handled Adnan's orientation, did not check his references, and that he probably did not fill out an application. The assistant said that "everyone knew Adnan was 17."

Thursday, March 4, 1999

Friday, March 5, 1999


    • Deanna faxes Yasser's cell phone records to Detective Ritz. Is this detectives discovering the cell phone belongs to Yaser?

    • TSR refers to PennSel. Detectives must know by now that Jen is the owner of this pager number. Are they trying to find out when it was called previously and since and by who?
  • Investigators attempt to interview people Adnan spoke with on the day of the murder: People from the call log?

  • Memo: Rural Metro HR Manager informs Adnan that he is employment is terminated because he does not meet the minimum age requirement.

    • Pay day for Adnan. Someone may have deposited it for him. This paycheck covered Saturday February 13 through Friday, February 26.
    • Memo: Rural Metro HR Manager writes to the Regional President and throws the HR Assistant under the bus for hiring Adnan, who was under the minimum age requirement.
  • UMBC acceptance letter: Chris Flohr deliver to Adnan (date appromximate.)

    • According to Colbert, Adnan planned to apply for a "merit and economic hardship" scholarship.
  • 4:30-10PM: Jay works Drug Emporium

  • Woodlawn Girl's Basketball loses to Millford Mill

  • 11:30PM: Jay is scheduled to work at Southwest Video but according to Sis, he missed because he had to speak to the police.

Saturday, March 6, 1999

  • Flohr writes notes from his meeting with Adnan

    • references Nisha (Adnan is using Nisha as an alibi, and police still don't know her significance.)
    • By this date, Adnan has told his attorney and PI about the library, track, and Nisha. All three of his alibis.
    • Adnan has also asked for paper and envelopes and asked how the mail is "scrutinized."
  • noon-8PM: Jay works Drug Emporium

Sunday, March 7, 1999

Monday, March 8, 1999

Tuesday, March 9, 1999

Wednesday, March 10, 1999

  • Stephanie tells Jay that she will be interviewed by Adnan's PI, at her home, that night.

  • Police have finished processing Adnan's Honda and the car is towed to the city lot.

  • Stephanie interviewed by Adnan's Private Investigator Andrew Davis regarding February 9th at Aisha's, the night body was discovered. Previously, only fragments of this interview had been released.

    • Andrew Davis asks Stephanie for Jay's new address so he can interview Jay. Davis is looking to interview Jay and it's unclear if he ever did.
    • Stephanie would later tell police that during this 2.5 hour interview, Andrew Davis upset her and she felt like he was "baiting me to get to Jay."
    • She said that Andrew Davis wrote things down, and did not tape his interview with her.
    • Stephanie said that Andrew Davis "wanted us to write letters of support."
    • Stephanie said that she did not speak to Jay until 11:30 on the night of the 13th.
    • At the close of the interview, Jay shows up at Stephanie's house with Phil. This may the first time Adnan's PI realizes that Jay is the one telling people Adnan killed Hae.
  • Drew Davis also:

Thursday, March 11, 1999

Friday, March 12, 1999

Saturday, March 13, 1999

Monday, March 15, 1999

Tuesday, March 16, 1999

Wednesday, March 17, 1999

Thursday, March 18, 1999

Friday, March 19, 1999

Saturday, March 20, 1999

Sunday, March 21, 1999

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