Previously AD wanting to go guard, have a few questions

I got out July of this year and only received 90% of my GI bill due to time in service. Now Im thinking of going guard for the TA. I would be going back to my old career field, Security Forces. So here are a few questions:

  1. how soon could I start school?
  2. Do i get TA year round like active duty or only during certain periods of time?
  3. Do I pick which weekends every month Id work? I ask because I have future engagements that I have going on.
  4. What exactly will I be doing?
  5. What does "drill" entail?
  6. Can I enlist for only 1 year? 7.i live in the state of kansas and on the website it says that tution is fully waved as long as I go to a state college. Are there any restrictions on this matter?

Thank you!


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