MAJOR DISCOVERY.. NEED DIGGERS! Did Serco help Julian escape? Also, Serco under old management helped MOVE DRUGS, WEAPONS, & CHILDREN?

HOLY SHIT! So I was typing as I was researching answers on Juliana whereabouts and I found a DEEP rabbit hole and I keep finding more and more and more. I'm gonna go ahead and post it so y'all can dig too! I think we hit the jackpot! This will give us a lot of new leads to go off of.

After researching the events surrounding Julian Assange. I'm almost certain he escaped. First off, documents were found in 2012 of Julians plans to escape from the embassy. There were many incidents the guards inside the embassy caught Julian messing around in the control room with the security system. One of his plans were to hop the rooftops to a heliPad and another one was to walk out with a fancy dress. Lol anyways, those escape plans did not work so he had to figure out another way and this is how I think he pulled it off… From what I've researched it seems Julian cannot be seen in public or he will be arrested immediately. So, if he escaped, it would need to be well planned out and assisted by a secret service high in power.

Serco is the company in charge of his detention. This company is one of the LARGEST companies in the world, no one really knows about it. A few articles say Serco runs the world. Serco is the largest AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL in the world, they even control the Queens plane. They are basically the worlds largest company that runs private prisons and MOVING PEOPLE. So, I'm almost POSITIVE Serco arranged Julian's escape out of the embassy.

Serco- Assange detention company:


Assange Escape plans in 2012

3 days after the armed vehicle was sitting outside the embassy on Oct 21st, the DDos went under attack around 6pm which brought down USA and Europes internet, twitter being one of the sites attacked. At 7:30Pm London City Airport reported "Tear Gas" in the airport causing a FULL evacuation that latest for 3 hours. Tear gas seems odd to be bc it's used by riot police. Wtf?! is there someone running around the airport spraying tear gas? But, no suspect or video footage was found of this happening.

Tear gas in airport leads to FULL evacuation from London City airport

Serco operates the transport of London: London Underground, Buses, RailRoad, London Streets (lights etc), Overground, Crossroad. Underground Railroad system can get you to London city airport in MINUTES. They operate British airways, Virgin Atlantic & Emirates out of London City airport. I'm sure they have the power to shut down airports. They would need to do this if Julian Assange was under attack and needed to get him out of the country WITHOUT the governments having any knowledge of it. You gotta remember Julian Assange was under Serco protection for 6 years and it's their duty to PROTECT him. The leaks involved bringing down many world leaders & Govt .. USA, CIA, FBI, Politicians, big CEOS like Bill Gates & Warren Buffet, Royal Family, The Vatican, Saudis, and ROTHSCHILD etc. All the above would be exposed to crimes that were linked to Mass murders, Starting wars for money, Massive child trafficking, Treason, and Drug Trafficking ( I heard Warren Buffet is the head guy of drug supply in America-We need to dig into that too)

Serco most definitely had an escape plan if something went down which was bound to happen. These elites live to kill anyone that gets in their way. Maybe they put their escape plan in full swing after seeing armed guards outside followed up by a DDos attack?

Then you ask yourself WHY did Julian put himself in so much danger to Save America? Did he know by releasing extremely damaging info on the world govts and leaders that they would try to assassinate him? Which would force Serco to move him out of harms way and out of the embassy?

The question is… is Serco compromised or not? I believe not, but y'all can dig and see what you can find. Sercos client base is 90% Federal Governments. They have contracts with the US National Security and I remember Julian releasing a statement that OBAMA said leaks were damaging to US National Security. So, maybe Julian had to stop leaks to obey orders from the Serco? Serco also has a contract with OBAMAcare, but it's been a bumpy road due to Serco overcharging the US Govt. Also, there was a scandal with U.K. Govt with overcharging too.

Obamacare and Serco:

Serco, OBAMAcare & UK Govt Scandal

Serco taking over US National Security

Chris Hyman CEO of Serco was born in South Africa and I remember FBI Anon mentioning research "African Kings" so maybe there's a connection here? BUT GET THIS!! He resigned in 2014 after 20 years of CEO before an investigation could take place. During his time as CEO Hyman OVERCHARGED govts and also donated a small amount to OBAMA Foundation when he ran for POTUS. Clinton Foundation also received 81MILLION dollars from HSBC. HSBC is a large shareholder of Serco. This SCREAMS, shady business deals which always leads to child trafficking (Per FbiAnon) Also, this company is the worlds largest TRANSPORT company! Why the fuck was Hyman OVERCHARGING n donating to OBAMA FOUNDATION and CLINTON FOUNDATION 81 MILLION DOLLARS? To help governments move Drugs? To move child trafficking? To help move weapons??

CEO Chris Hyman Resigns before Investigation


List of Serco shareholders

Serco Foundation.

FUCK!! I keep researching and needing to edit bc this fuckin rabbit hole is deep AFFF

One of Serco shareholders is HSBC and you wouldn't believe who was the on the board of directors?? COMEY!! and Clinton & Obama has connections with HSBC too! I seriously think this is the connection they use to smuggle drugs, weapons and children. We need to dig on this! This is WHY fuck face Comey didn't investigate any of the emails?? bc he's deeply involved!!

Comey, Clinton & OBAMA connection to Serco/HSBC

July 2016 Mark Johnson an executive at HRBC was arrested by the Feds alleged front-running scheme involving a $3.5 billion currency transaction in 2011.

Now, time for the good news…Rupert Soames took over CEO position of Serco. Somas main agenda is to work on improving the reputation of the company bc it went to shit under previous CEO. Soames is a good guy, loves Serco and his grandfather is Westin Churchill. Crazy, Trump is moving the Westin Churchill statue back in the WH. 🤔 Hes also a FIRM believer in Democracy, “a fully signed-up member of the life/work imbalance club”, and that workload was greater during the run-up to the EU referendum. Soames was a high-profile Remainer but is now calling for the UK to leave the single market in five years. “The only thing I believe in more firmly than Europe is democracy. We must get on with it and make the most of it.” Also, Serco benefits from Brexit by helping them making changes in the govt. It helps that he reckons Serco will benefit from Brexit. “Government is going to become more complicated — we’ll need great expansion of visas, and the British countryside is currently an EU-regulated operation. Taking that back is going to be big. Some of the best civil servants are moving to work on Brexit negotiations — the Government is going to need help to get stuff done. So,I'm sure Trump is in talks with Serco to help #Draintheswamp and negotiate new deals for our new and improved govt.

New CEO of Serco, Rupert Soames

New CEO of Serco

But, it seems like whoever is running WIKILEAKS twitter doesn't know where Julian is. They were rude af telling us to ask the President of the embassy where he is. So, maybe whoever is running the WIKILEAKS twitter got drunk yesterday at thanksgiving and took it out on us. Basically saying they don't know but President of embassy does bc he prob helped him escape.

Here are some articles I found. I haven't researched WIKILEAKS yet. Excited to see what y'all find! y'all are so fkin amazing at that!! 🙌🏼 Its been cool watching yalls investigation.


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